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Aminulrasyid Amzah (circa. August 1995 – 26 April 2010) was a 14-year-old Malaysian student from Shah Alam, Selangor who was shot dead by Royal Malaysian Police officers while fleeing from the police in a car sometime between 1.10am and 2am. [1] The shooting made national headlines, and subsequent public outcry led to the Home Ministry establishing a special panel led by Deputy Home Minister Abu Seman Yusop to investigate.[2] Aminulrasyid's death became a political issue, with both the federal governing coalition Barisan Nasional and the Selangor governing coalition Pakatan Rakyat offering assistance to his family. Opposition leader Karpal Singh was later appointed counsel for Aminulrasyid's family. A number of Pakatan Rakyat politicians also asked the Inspector-General of Police to resign as a result of the shooting.[3][4][5][6]

Despite evidence showing that boy was shot at 21 times, his killer police corporal Jenain Subi was acquitted by the Malaysian High Court, thus showing biasness and unfair judgement towards the family.[7][8] The Malaysian police have so far refused to apologise to Aminulrasyid's family,[9] with the exception of corporal Jenain after his acquittal.[10]

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