Amirreza Amirbakhtiar

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Amirreza Amirbakhtiar
Khan of bakhtiari tribe
Born (1985-03-21) 21 March 1985 (age 32)
Ahvaz, Iran
Full name
Amirreza Amirbakhtiar
House House of Bakhtiari Family
Father Mohammad Reza khan
Mother bibi Hengameh

Amirreza Amirbakhtiar (born 21 March 1985 in Ahvaz) is an Iranian political activist. He was the head of Iran party's youth organisation and of the Iranian National Front in the Khuzestan province of Iran.[1][2]

Birth and family[edit]

He was born into a famous Bakhtiari family. His grandfathers were Emam Gholi Khan Haji Ilkhani, the chief of the Bakhtiari tribe, and Amir Abdollah Tahmasebi, famous military commander.[3]


He is an opponent to the Islamic regime in Iran and a follower of the ideas of Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar, whom he considered as a National hero during an interview with Voice of America's Persian network in 2004.[4]

In 2007, he addressed a letter to Ali Khamenei willing him to accept a National referendum about the faith of the Islamic regime. He was therefore arrested and interrogated by agents from the Ministry of Intelligence.

He was also arrested later in 2009 for having pronounced a speech against the bases of the Islamic Republic.

Green Movement and exile[edit]

After the 2009 Iranian presidential election, Amirreza Amirbakhtiar was threatened by the agents of the Islamic Regime in Khuzestan and was thus obliged to live hidden for some times. Eventually, he went to Iranian Kurdistan and went to Paris where he currently lives.


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Lotf Ali Khan Amir Mofakham of Bakhtiari
Mohammad Rafi Khan of Bakhtiari
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Iran Dokht Amir Tahmaseb
Khavar Ghasemlou of Kourdestan


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