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Gender Male
Language(s) Hindi, Marathi, Hebrew, Bengali, Punjabi

Amit is a common male name, in India and Israel.

Amit (Hindi: अमित, Bengali: অমিত) originates from the Sanskrit word amita (अमित:), meaning infinite or boundless.[1] amita (अमित:) essentially is the negation of mita (मित), which means "to measure" [2]

In Hebrew, Amit (Hebrew: עמית‎‎) means friend. The word appears in the Bible in a context suggesting such a meaning.[3] However, Even-Shoshan dictionary suggests a Roman source (esp. French: Ami). Though traditionally a common male name in India, it is being increasingly used as a female name in Israel.[4] Nevertheless, it is still among the most popular names given to Jewish boys in Israel.[5]

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