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Amit Nilkanth Patel MD, BS, MS is an Indian American cardiac surgeon and Director of Clinical Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. He is also the Tenured Professor of Surgery - Cardiothoracic at the University of Utah.

Patel studied medicine at the Case Western Reserve University. In 2002, he led a "breakthrough" study demonstrating that stem cell transplantation could treat congestive heart failure.[1][2] He is currently the national lead investigator for Aastrom Biosciences now Vericel Corp to treat cardiomyopathy both ischemic and non-ischemic using adult stem cells in the U.S. He just completed and published the largest heart failure trial for cell therapy in patients with ischemic heart failure. The trial was published in the Journal Lancet and demonstrated a 37% reduction in death and hospitalizations for patients with severe heart failure. He is also lead investigator for a number of trials to use adult stem cells to treat limb ischemia (inadequate blood flow to the leg). He has taught many surgeons around the world in countries such as Thailand and India. Notable patients of his include Hawaiian singer Don Ho; Ho credited Patel's 2005 procedure on him with saving his life and allowing him to return to performing after being forced into retirement for health reasons.[3][4] He is currently working on programs for Type 2 Diabetes, Burn Wound Therapies with the U.S. Military & Arteriocyte, Traumatic Brain Injury and Plastic resconstruction. He has started collaborative programs in Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Germany, and India. His newest program is to treat heart failure patients with one day out patient cell therapies - Harvest. Patel has recently developed a stem cell spray for rapid healing of heart surgery and burns.[5]


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