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Developer(s) Marcus Comstedt
Stable release
0.21pl2 / July 20, 2010
Type Window manager
License Source code available

In computing, the AMIga Window Manager (amiwm) is a stacking window manager for the X Window System.

Amwim was written by Marcus Comstedt. "The purpose of amiwm is to make life more pleasant for Amiga-freaks like myself who has/wants to use UNIX workstations once in a while."

Amiwm emulates the Amiga Workbench screen. The author has indicated that he intends to keep up with any Amiga interface changes in the future.[citation needed]

In 2000, TuxRadar selected Amiwm as one of the year's best window managers[1]


Features of the amiwm window manager include:

  • Supports iconification of running tasks
  • Window borders
  • Window titlebars
  • Titlebar buttons for menu, minimize, maximize, and close
  • Desktop shortcuts


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