Amizade Bridge (Macau)

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Amizade Bridge
Macao Friendship Bridge.jpg
Amizade Bridge
Coordinates22°11′21.54″N 113°33′47.50″E / 22.1893167°N 113.5631944°E / 22.1893167; 113.5631944
Carries4 lanes
CrossesPraia Grande Bay
LocaleMacau Peninsula and Taipa
Official namePonte de Amizade
Other name(s)New Macau-Taipa Bridge
DesignCable-stayed bridge
Total length3,900 metres (12,795 ft)
Width18 metres (59 ft)
Longest span180 metres (591 ft)
OpenedMarch 1994
Daily trafficcars
Amizade Bridge
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese澳門友誼大橋
Simplified Chinese澳门友谊大桥
Literal meaningMacau friendship bridge
Alternative Chinese name
Traditional Chinese新澳氹大橋
Simplified Chinese新澳氹大桥
Literal meaningNew Macau-Taipa Bridge
Portuguese name
PortuguesePonte de Amizade

The Amizade Bridge is a four-lane, two-way bridge in Macau that connects Macau Peninsula near the Reservatório and Taipa Island at Pac On.

Built after the Macau-Taipa Bridge, it is the second one that connects the peninsula and Taipa across the Zhujiang River Estuary. Thus it is also referred to as the New Macau-Taipa Bridge.

Construction started in June 1990. Opened to traffic in March 1994, it is the longest of the three bridges crossing Baía da Praia Grande between Macau Peninsula and Taipa, with a length of 4.7 kilometers (2.9 mi), including 800 meters (2,625 ft) of connecting viaduct, and a width of 18 metres. There are two crests on the bridge to allow for the passage of sea traffic. The highest point of the bridge is 30 meters (98 ft) above sea level. The two entrances on the peninsula are at Avenida de Amizada near the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal and at Avenida da Ponte da Amizade in Areia Preta. The two entrances on the northern slope of Taipa Grande are at Estrada de Pac On, that connects to Pac On, and at Estrada Almirante Magalhães Correia, that connects with the Centro of Taipa (Vila da Taipa).

Panoramic view of the 4.7 km long Ponte de Amizade (Friendship Bridge) from the Macau Peninsula (left) to the Taipa Island (right), Macau

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