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Amma Kudineer (meaning Mother drinking-water in Tamil language) is a mineral water production and distribution project run by the Government of the state of Tamil Nadu in India.[1]

About the scheme[edit]

The project was formally launched on September 15, 2013 by the then Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, on the 105th birth anniversary[2] of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister C. N. Annadurai.[3]

The project involves production and packaging of mineral water in one litre plastic bottles, and selling them in long-distance running state-owned buses and in bus stations. The price has been fixed at ₹10 per bottle. The project is intended to make purified water available to people of all strata, at a reasonable cost.[4]

The Indian Railways has been undertaken a similar scheme under the name "Rail neer"[5] for some time now, with its one-litre bottles priced at ₹15, while private companies sell 1-litre bottles at higher prices.[1][2][6]

The scheme is run by the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation, with a production plant in Gummidipoondi in Thiruvallur district, on a 55-acre land that belongs to the Institute of Road Transport (IRT), a subsidiary of the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation. The plant has the capacity to produce 3 lakh liters of purified water per day. The total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water is reported to be below 50 parts per million (ppm), as compared to a requirement of below 150 ppm in water from lakes and in rainwaters.[7]

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