Ammar Aziz

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Ammar Aziz
Ammar Aziz with Concepcion Picciotto.jpg
Ammar Aziz during a protest with veteran peace activist Concepcion Picciotto in front of the White House in Washington, D.C.
Makhdoom Ammar Aziz

Alma materNational College of Arts
Years active2007 - present

Ammar Aziz is a Pakistani documentary filmmaker [1][2][3] and left-wing activist.[4] As a filmmaker, he was initially known for his work about the working class of Pakistan.[5] A graduate of Lahore's National College of Arts,[6] he was the only [7][8] filmmaker from Pakistan to be selected in 2012 for the Talent Campus of the Berlin International Film Festival.[9] He was selected for his documentary about the power-loom workers of Faisalabad[3] which was also screened at the Solidar Silver Rose Award 2011[10] in Brussels. His documentary about the home-based women workers of Hyderabad has been screened at several labour film festivals in the United States and Europe.[11]

His debut feature film A Walnut Tree had its world premiere at IDFA.[12] The film won awards from Film SouthAsia,[13] Moscow International Documentary Film Festival [14] and also won the International Federation of Film Critics Award.[15]


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