Ammar El Sherei

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Ammar El Sherei
Native name عمار الشريعي
Birth name Ammar Ali Mohamed Ibrahim Ali El Sherei
Born 16 April 1948
Samalut - Minya, Egypt
Died 7 December 2012(2012-12-07) (aged 64)
Cairo, Egypt
Instruments Organ, Piano, Accordion
Years active 1970 - 2013

Ammar Ali Mohamed Ibrahim Ali Al Sherei (Arabic: عمار علي محمد إبراهيم علي الشريعي‎‎) or more commonly known as Ammar El Sherei (16 April 1948 – 7 December 2012) was an Egyptian music icon, performer and composer.

Early life and education[edit]

Sherei was born blind on 16 April 1948 in the village of Samalot, 25 km from Minya in Upper Egypt, to a large family of Al Shereis.[1] His father was the mayor of the village.[2] His family moved to Cairo when he was five years-old.[1] There he attended the Demonstration Centre for the Rehabilitationand Training of the Blind (DCRTB).[1] He studied at the English department of Ain Shams University and graduated in 1970.[3] He continued his studies in the US and in Britain.[4] He attended the Royal Academy of Music in London.[5] He also received three PhDs, including one from the Sorbonne in France.[2]


After graduation, Sherei worked as an accordion musician.[2] He performed in Cairo’s nightclubs and then in the Golden Music Band that was a famous band at that time in Egypt.[5] He became a composer in 1975.[2] He played piano, harp, keyboard and oud.[6] Sherei arranged and wrote soundtracks and scores for movies, television series and soap operas.[4] He was also host of the radio and television show, A Diver in A Sea of Tunes.[4] He composed more than 150 songs for most of the leading music stars of the Arab World, including Warda, Latifa and Ali El Haggar.[1] He was also an assistant professor at the Academy of Arts.[2]

Personal life[edit]

Sherei married at the age of 43.[7] He had a son.[1]

Death and funeral[edit]

Sherei died of heart failure at the age of 64 at Cairo's Al Safa Hospital on 7 December 2012.[1] His funeral was organized on the night of 10 December 2012 in Al Rahman Al Rehim mosque in Cairo with the attendance of several high-profile figures, government officials and artists.[8]


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