Ammar al-Basri

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Ammar al-Basri (Arabic: عمار البصري‎‎, ʿAmmār al-Baṣrī) was a 9th-century East Syrian theologian and apologist. Ammar's work is considered the first systematic Christian theology in Arabic.[1] Not much is known about his life except that he was a native of Basra.


Several books two of them survived:

  • The book of proof (كتاب البرهان، Kitāb al-burhān), which deals with the incarnation in a popular albeit creative and vigorous language.[2]
  • The book of questions and answers (كتاب المسائل والأجوبة, Kitāb al-masāʾiI wa-l-ajwiba), is more systematic and in treats in four sections questions regarding the existence of God, the Incarnation, the four Gospels and other topics.[3]

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