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Amme jõgi (2).jpg
Amme in Palamuse
Country Estonia
Physical characteristics
Main source Lake Kuremaa
51.6 m (169 ft)
58°42′9.5″N 26°34′25.5″E / 58.702639°N 26.573750°E / 58.702639; 26.573750
River mouth Emajõgi
58°27′41.5″N 26°35′47.6″E / 58.461528°N 26.596556°E / 58.461528; 26.596556Coordinates: 58°27′41.5″N 26°35′47.6″E / 58.461528°N 26.596556°E / 58.461528; 26.596556
Length 59 km (37 mi)
Basin features
Basin size 501 km2 (193 sq mi)

The Amme (also known as Aame, Ame and Amedi) is a 59 km (37 mi) long river mostly in Vooremaa, Estonia. It is a left tributary of the Emajõgi. Its source is the Lake Kuremaa near Palamuse and it passes through the Lake Kaiavere, Lake Elistvere and drains into the Emajõgi near the site of former Kärkna Abbey. The basin area of Amme is 501 km2 (193 sq mi).[1]



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