Ammi b. Abba

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For the sixth generetion Amora sage also of Babylon, see Rami b. Abba (II).

Rammi bar Abba [1] (or Rammi B. Abba [1] [2][= an abbreviation of R. Ammi b. Abba [3][4]], or Rammi bar Abba I[5]) was a third generation Amora sage of Babylon, and a disciple of Rav Huna. He transmitted to his generation many enactments of R. Jose ben Halafta in Sepphoris, among them: a woman shall not walk in the street while her son is behind her, owing to an incident that once happened, when immoral men kidnapped a child which was following his mother, and she was searching for him, then they lured her into a house, telling her he was there, and there assaulted her.[6] Another enactment: women while in the closet should talk to one another for the sake of privacy from the intrusion of men,[6] which is illegal due to the prohibition of Yichud. He cites Rav Huna's work, who was probably his teacher Rabbi. He engaged a lot in Aggadic issues.[7]


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