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Ammodendron sp Baikonur 006.jpg
Scientific classification

Fisch. ex DC.

5–10; see text.

Ammodendron is a genus of flowering plants, called the sand acacias, in the legume family, Fabaceae. It belongs to the subfamily Faboideae. Its name is derived from the Greek άμμος ammos ("sand") and δένδρον dendron ("tree").[2]


Ammodendron comprises the following species:[3][4][5]

Species names with uncertain taxonomic status[edit]

The status of the following species is unresolved:[5]

  • Ammodendron caspium Eichw.
  • Ammodendron karelini Bunge
  • Ammodendron lehmanni Bunge ex Boiss.
  • Ammodendron persicum Bunge ex Boiss.
  • Ammodendron zablotskii Fischer & Mey. ex Kar.


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