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Amnon Shamosh, 2009

Amnon Shamosh (born 28 January 1929) is an Israeli author and poet.[1]


Amnon Shamosh was born in Aleppo, Mandatory Syria. In his childhood he immigrated to Mandatory Palestine and participated in the 1948 Arab–Israeli War in a Palmach unit. He studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was a founder of kibbutz Ma'ayan Barukh, where he has resided ever since.

Published works[edit]

  • Michel Ezra Safra and Sons
  • My Sister the Bride (published 1979 in English by Massada Press)
  • The Great Confession
  • The Cedars of Lebanon
  • With Me from Lebanon
  • Marrano Mountain (published 1992 in English by Massada Press)
  • Calamus and Cinnamon
  • A Kibbutz is a Kibbutz is a Kibbutz
  • From the Source
  • Autumn Stories, Fall Colors

Shamosh also wrote the non-fiction book Haketer, the Story of the Aleppo Codex.

Awards and recognition[edit]

Shamosh was awarded the President's Prize for Literature in 2001. He also got many different awards.

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