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Amoi Logo

Amoi Technology Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 夏新电子) is a Chinese electronics company based in Xiamen, Fujian. It is a mobile service provider which integrates manufacturing, R&D and sales of mobile communication devices.


Amoi was established in 1997, with the original name of Amoisonic. Amoi now has a staff of more than 6000 and total asset of RMB 3.25 billion. Its English company name is derived from Amoy, the old name for Xiamen, from which the company originates.

Research and development[edit]

Amoi Shanghai Institution, Amoi Research Center.


Amoi manufactures a diverse range of consumer electronics, including mobile phones and LCD televisions, for sale both domestically and internationally.

Amoi also manufactures the 3 Skypephone mobile phone along with the INQ Phone, the social networking phone exclusive to 3 Skypephone.


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