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Amok Entertainment is a publisher of video and computer games based in New York City. Its best known games include Bubble Fun, Tilt, and Bird Flu.

Amok Entertainment began publishing games on the Commodore 64 in 1988 when the company was founded in Aachen. In 2001 the company incorporated in the United States and moved its headquarters to New York City where it specialized in online Flash games.

Amok Entertainment's Commodore 64 games Turn It and Pot Panic were distributed by Kingsoft GmbH, which was acquired by Electronic Arts in 1995.

In 1989 Amok Entertainment began to publish Sex'n'Crime, the first computer magazine published on floppy disc instead of paper. Despite its name, it had nothing to do with sex. The magazine reported about news from the Commodore 64 hardware and software scene.

Sex'n'Crime became so popular among Commodore 64 users in Europe during the 1990s, that it was eventually distributed on newsstands by CP Verlag, a subsidiary of Gong Verlag, Germany's largest magazine publishing house. At the height of its popularity, Sex'n'Crime reached over half a million Commodore 64 users worldwide each month.

Sex'n'Crime spawned an avalanche of hundreds of computer scene magazine clones. Its influence among European computer enthusiasts can still be felt today, because the word graphician, first used in Sex'n'Crime, is still in use in the demo scene and warez scene today.


  • Woody The Worm
  • Zuul
  • Stormtrooper
  • Pot Panic
  • Turn It
  • Bubble Fun
  • Bubble Fun 2
  • Tilt
  • Bird Flu

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