Amor Aeternus

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Amor Aeternus – Hymns of Love is a music drama by Nicholas Lens. It is the third part of the operatic trilogy The Accacha Chronicles. The work follows on the parts Flamma Flamma and Terra Terra. In 19 sections, the score combines orchestra, chorus and six operatic voices that contrast with the eerie tonalities of two female nasal-natural singers .


Excerpts of the tracks Amor Amore, Amor Aeternus I, Utrum Vulva and Amor Mundum of Amor Aeternus were used as soundtrack of the symbolical film love is the only master I’ll serve, directed by Nicholas Lens and produced by Tabaran Company. The film premiered at the BIFF, New York City in June 2006.


  • Amor Aeternus was recorded mostly in Bulgaria and Belgium, but as well in Morocco and South Africa.
  • It was the fourth album on which Lens worked with the American soprano Claron McFadden.
  • According to the critics with this work Lens is slowly leaving the path of tonality of his earlier work. Some regret that he changed his style to a more severe and complex approach, others find this interesting and believe Lens' style is more evolving towards operatic, contemporary-theatrical creations.
  • The live-version, published by Schott Music (Mainz, New York) did not premiere yet.


Track listing[edit]

  1. Amor Amore
  2. Iuppiter Olympum
  3. Mors Neutra
  4. Amor Mundum
  5. Aliosne
  6. Utrum Vulva
  7. Nam Sum I
  8. Corpore Toto
  9. Nomen Meum
  10. Matutinum
  11. Amor Aeternus I
  12. Timore Amore
  13. O Basiorum
  14. An Amorem I
  15. An Amorem II
  16. Amor Omnibus
  17. O Amabilis Amor
  18. Nam Sum II
  19. Amor Aeternus II

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