Amores de mercado (Chilean telenovela)

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Amores de mercado
Genre Telenovela
Written by
  • Alejandro Cabrera
  • Arnaldo Madrid
  • René Arcos
  • Marcelo Leonart
  • Larissa Contreras
Directed by
  • María Eugenia Rencoret
  • Víctor Huerta
  • Enrique Bravo
Music by Duque y Bandaduke
Opening theme Caradura
Country of origin Santiago, Chile
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 103
Original network TVN
First shown in Estación Central, 2001

Amores de mercado (Love at the Market) is a Chilean telenovela produced by TVN. Based on an original idea of Fernando Aragón and Arnaldo Madrid, inspired by Mark Twain's classic, The Prince and the Pauper. It was written by Alejandro Cabrera, Arnaldo Madrid, René Arcos, Marcelo Leonart and Larissa Contreras, and directed by María Eugenia Rencoret, Víctor Huerta and Enrique Bravo.


Pedro Solis (Álvaro Rudolphy) is a young lower-middle class waiter, known as Pelluco by his family and friends. One day he finds a man, Rodolfo Ruttenmeyer, identical to him. Without finding an explanation for the strange fact, Pelluco assumes the identity of Rodolfo, as he had an accident and lost his memory. Rodolfo is received and cared by Pelluco's family, who believes he is actually Pelluco. Pelluco, in the other hand, tries to find the answer to what he saw that day, while living as a businessman. He falls in love with Fernanda (Ángela Contreras), the lover of his stepbrother Ignacio (Luciano Cruz-Coke). Fernanda cheats on Pelluco with his stepbrother, but when she discovers the new personality of her husband, she begins to feel a real affection for him. Ignacio, jealous of the success of Pelluco, searches for a way to humiliate him and take over his job as manager. Rodolfo, who remembers nothing, takes the place of Pelluco working at the Central Market of Santiago, where Pelluco used to work. Rodolfo's personality is totally different from Pelluco, who is more outgoing. Indeed, he learns that Betzabé (Alejandra Fosalba), a girl from Pelluco's neighborhood, is pregnant, and she believes that Rodolfo is the father of her child.

Pelluco and Rodolfo are actually twins, but Rodolfo was sold to a wealthy family because financial problems did not allow his family to keep both children. Maitén (Loreto Valenzuela) and "Chingao" (Mauricio Pesutic), parents of the twins, move to Santiago without knowing that their son Rodolfo is also in the city. Chingao is taken to prison for illegal business, but returns home when Rodolfo arrives.

After many adventures and misunderstandings, the twins discover what had happened. Camilo Ruttenmeyer (Jaime Vadell), the company's owner, discovers Ignacio's plans to steal his money. While quarreling Ignacio menaces Rodolfo with a gun, he fires but accidentally the bullet hits Pelluco, who dies in hospital in the final episode.


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