Amos Daragon

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Amos Daragon
Covers Amos Daragon.jpg
Cover illustrations for Amos Daragon: The Mask Wearer and Amos Daragon: The Key of Braha
Author Bryan Perro
Country Canada
Language French, English translation
Genre Fantasy, young adult fiction
Publisher French: Les intouchables - English: The Salariya Book Company UK edition
Published French: Book One: 2003 - English: Book One: June 2009, Book Two: September 2009

Amos Daragon is a series of fantasy fiction books by the French Canadian writer Bryan Perro. The central story arc focuses on Amos Daragon, a bright and adventurous twelve-year-old, and his quest to become the 'Mask Wearer'. Amos sets out on a journey to find four masks that harness the forces of nature – earth, wind, fire and water – and the sixteen stones of power (4 stones per mask) that give the masks their magic. With the help of his humanimal friend, Beorf, Amos must fulfill his destiny and defeat the forces of evil that threaten his world. The Amos Daragon series has been published in numerous countries worldwide. The first English translation of The Mask Wearer was published in June 2009 by Scribo, a division of Book House, an imprint of the Salariya Book Company. The second book, Amos Daragon: The Key of Braha, was published by Scribo in September 2009. The third book, The Twilight Of The Gods, was published in January 2010. The fourth book, The Curse Of Freyja, was published in Spring 2010.

Amos Daragon in other media[edit]

Amos Daragon is currently[when?] in production as a children's animated television series, made by Spectra Animation.[citation needed] In Quebec, fans of the books can visit Le Sanctuaire des Braves (The Sanctuary of the Braves) in the municipality of Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc, near Shawinigan. Le Sanctuaire des Braves is a weekend camp for children between 10-15 based in the Amos Daragon world, where children can portray their own character in the continuing saga of the Amos Daragon universe.

List of Amos Daragon titles[edit]

The series has twelve volumes, beginning with Amos Daragon: The Mask Wearer.

  • Vol 1. The Mask Wearer (English translation published June 2009)
  • Vol 2. The Key of Braha (English translation published September 2009)
  • Vol 3. The Twilight of Gods (English translation published January 2010)
  • Vol 4. The Curse of Freyja (English translation published May 2010)

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