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Home of Mary Graham at 422 South Buchanan in Maryville. Mary moved here after her husband Amos died. She died in 1903.

Amos Graham (March 14, 1816 - 1865) was the first Nodaway County, Missouri clerk. The town of Graham, Missouri is named for him.[1] The town of Maryville, Missouri is named for his wife Mary.[2]

He was born in Washington County, Kentucky. He married Mary J. House in January 1842 and moved to Savannah, Missouri during the early settlement days of the Platte Purchase territory. He was appointed county clerk when Nodaway County organized on February 14, 1845 and served until 1858 and was said to be the first postmaster in the newly created town of Maryville.

He represented the county in the Missouri General Assembly from 1860-1861 at the outbreak of the American Civil War. He favored the south in the war while Nodaway was in the North.

He died in 1865.


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