Ampay National Sanctuary

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Ampay National Sanctuary
Santuario Nacional de Ampay
Uspaccocha nevado.jpg
Ampay (in the background on the left) as seen from Usphaqucha
Map showing the location of Ampay National Sanctuary
Map showing the location of Ampay National Sanctuary
Location within Peru
Location Apurimac, Peru
Nearest city Abancay
Coordinates 13°34′44″S 72°53′24″W / 13.579°S 72.89°W / -13.579; -72.89[1]Coordinates: 13°34′44″S 72°53′24″W / 13.579°S 72.89°W / -13.579; -72.89[1]
Area 36.35 km2 (14.03 sq mi)
Established 1987
Entry to Usphaqucha

Ampay National Sanctuary (Santuario Nacional de Ampay) is a wildlife sanctuary located at the base of Ampay, north of the city of Abancay, Peru. Created in 1987, it is located in the Apurímac Region, Abancay Province, Tamburco District. It is 36.35 square kilometres (14.03 sq mi) in size and is intended to protect several endangered plant species, such as Intimpa or Romerillo (Podocarpus glomeratus), as well as the protection of the basin of the Pachachaca River.[2]

The Ampay National Sanctuary was established on 23 July 1987, by means of Supreme Decree # 042-87-AG. It owes its name to the snow-covered Ampay that guards the city of Abancay and is also the name of the forests that cover the neighboring hills.

As far as its wild fauna, there are mammals like the Andean fox (Pseudalopex culpaeus), the deer (Odocoileus virginianus), the vizcacha (Lagidium peruanum), the guemal (Hippocamelus antisensis) and birds like the Andean gull (Larus serranus) and the Andean condor (Vultur gryphus).

The flora is characterized by the intimpa tree (Podocarpus glomeratus) which grows in smears forming forests upon the slopes of the mountains. The presence of vegetation in high altitudes gives rise to scenery of great beauty, that contrast with perpetual snowfall on the peaks and with the aridity of the surrounding hills. Thus we can find beautiful locations sprinkled with the gigantic chuchu (Lupinus sp.) with blue flowers and herbs with yellow flowers known as Calceolaria sp., as well as various species of orchids.

The sanctuary houses two lagoons, the most spectacular is Usphaqucha which appears to be a gigantic crater. The peaks of Ampay reflect in its waters. The principal objective of Ampay National Sanctuary is to protect the Intimpa estate forest which is home to the wild fauna and the two principal lagoons.


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