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Amphidamas[pronunciation?] (Greek: Ἀμφιδάμας) may refer to both historical and mythological figures in ancient Greece:


Amphidamas is the name of six men in Greek mythology.

  1. Amphidamas or Iphidamas[1], son of Aleus and Cleobule. He was one of the Argonauts, along with his brother Cepheus.[2]
  2. Amphidamas, father of Nausidame. Nausidame bore Helios a son, Augeas.[2]
  3. Amphidamas, son of Lycurgus by either Cleophyle or Eurynome. Amphidamas had two children: Melanion and Antimache, who married Eurystheus.[3]
  4. Amphidamas, son of Busiris, king of Egypt. He was killed, alongside his father, by Heracles.[4]
  5. Amphidamas, father of Clitonymus, who was killed by Patroclus over a game of dice.[5]
  6. Amphidamas, one of the men hidden in the Trojan horse.


  • Amphidamas is the name of an historical king of Chalcis, died about 730 BC after the Lelantine War, whose burial ceremony being associated with the poetic agon is mentioned by Hesiod.[6]


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