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Amphipholis squamata.jpg
Amphipholis squamata
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Echinodermata
Class: Ophiuroidea
Order: Ophiurida
Family: Amphiuridae
Genus: Amphipholis
Thomas, 1966

See text.

Amphipholis is a large genus of brittle stars (Ophiuroidea) found in oceans worldwide from tropics to Arctic and Antarctic regions. Some species have been used to study echinoderm development (Amphipholis kochii[1]) and bioluminescence (the Dwarf brittle star, Amphipholis squamata[2][3]).


Amphipholis is a large genus with potentially many cryptic species.[4] The high variability may be due to common parthenogenetic reproduction. The type species of the genus is Amphipholis januarii Ljungman, 1866(=Amphipholis gracillima (Stimpson, 1852)).

Species include:[5]


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