Bueng Sam Phan District

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Bueng Sam Phan
Amphoe location in Phetchabun Province
Amphoe location in Phetchabun Province
Coordinates: 15°47′48″N 101°0′30″E / 15.79667°N 101.00833°E / 15.79667; 101.00833Coordinates: 15°47′48″N 101°0′30″E / 15.79667°N 101.00833°E / 15.79667; 101.00833
Country  Thailand
Province Phetchabun
Seat Bueng Sam Phan
 • Total 489.8 km2 (189.1 sq mi)
Population (2000)
 • Total 66,613
 • Density 136.0/km2 (352/sq mi)
Time zone THA (UTC+7)
Postal code 67160
Geocode 6708

Bueng Sam Phan (Thai: บึงสามพัน, pronounced [bɯ̄ŋ sǎːm pʰān]) is a district (amphoe) in the southern part of Phetchabun Province, northern Thailand.


Tambon Sap Samo Thot was created by separating it from Tambon Ban Phot, Nong Phai district in 1966. On May 15, 1975 tambon Sap Samo Thot together with tambon Sap Mai Daeng, Nong Chaeng und Kan Chu were split from Nong Phai district and created the minor district (King Amphoe) Bueng Sam Phan.[1] It was named Bueng Sam Phan (Sam Phan pond) after the most important water resource of the district.

The minor district was officially upgraded to a full district on March 25, 1979.[2]


Neighboring districts are (from the north clockwise) Chon Daen and Nong Phai of Phetchabun Province, Phakdi Chumphon of Chaiyaphum Province, Wichian Buri of Phetchabun again, and Phaisali and Nong Bua of Nakhon Sawan Province.


The district is subdivided into 9 subdistricts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 117 villages (muban). Sap Samo Thot is a township (thesaban tambon) and covers parts of the tambon Sap Samo Thot and Bueng Sam Phan. There are further 9 Tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

1. Sap Samo Thot ซับสมอทอด
2. Sap Mai Daeng ซับไม้แดง
3. Nong Chaeng หนองแจง
4. Kan Chu กันจุ
5. Wang Phikun วังพิกุล
6. Phaya Wang พญาวัง
7. Si Mongkhon ศรีมงคล
8. Sa Kaeo สระแก้ว
9. Bueng Sam Phan บึงสามพัน


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