Kantharawichai District

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Amphoe location in Maha Sarakham Province
Amphoe location in Maha Sarakham Province
Coordinates: 16°19′22″N 103°17′48″E / 16.32278°N 103.29667°E / 16.32278; 103.29667Coordinates: 16°19′22″N 103°17′48″E / 16.32278°N 103.29667°E / 16.32278; 103.29667
Country Thailand
Province Maha Sarakham
Seat Khok Phra
 • Total 372.2 km2 (143.7 sq mi)
Population (2005)
 • Total 80,250
 • Density 215.6/km2 (558/sq mi)
Time zone ICT (UTC+7)
Postal code 44150
Geocode 4404

Kantharawichai (Thai: กันทรวิชัย) is a district (amphoe) in the northern part of Maha Sarakham Province, northeastern Thailand.


Neighboring districts are (from the south clockwise) Mueang Maha Sarakham, Kosum Phisai, and Chiang Yuen of Maha Sarakham Province, Yang Talat and Khong Chai of Kalasin Province.


The district goes back to the Mueang Kanthang (กันทาง), which was founded in 1785 under the name Khanthathirat (คันธาธิราช). In 1874 it was renamed to Mueang Kantharawichai.

The mueang was converted to a district in 1900. In 1913 it was transferred from Kalasin to Maha Sarakham Province, and in 1915 the district office in Ban Khok Phra was opened. In 1917 the district was renamed Khok Phra accordingly,[1] but the historic name was restored in 1939.[2]


The district is subdivided into 10 sub-districts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 183 villages (muban). Khok Phra is a township (thesaban tambon) which covers parts of the tambon Khok Phra. There are a further 10 tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

Subdistrict population
No. Name Thai name Villages Pop.
1. Khok Phra โคกพระ 15 9,381
2. Khanthararat คันธารราษฎร์ 11 4,529
3. Makha มะค่า 15 5,391
4. Tha Khon Yang ท่าขอนยาง 15 7,775
5. Na Si Nuan นาสีนวน 27 10,135
6. Kham Riang ขามเรียง 23 12,496
7. Khwao Yai เขวาใหญ่ 21 7,714
8. Si Suk ศรีสุข 24 10,088
9. Kut Sai Cho กุดใส้จ่อ 11 4,561
10. Kham Thao Phatthana ขามเฒ่าพัฒนา 21 8,180


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