Na Muen District

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Na Muean
Amphoe location in Nan Province
Amphoe location in Nan Province
Coordinates: 18°11′22″N 100°39′32″E / 18.18944°N 100.65889°E / 18.18944; 100.65889Coordinates: 18°11′22″N 100°39′32″E / 18.18944°N 100.65889°E / 18.18944; 100.65889
Country  Thailand
Province Nan
 • Marshal Suraphan Trimongkon
 • Total 785.608 km2 (303.325 sq mi)
Population (2009)
 • Total 14,817
 • Density 19/km2 (49/sq mi)
Time zone THA (UTC+7)
Postal code 55180
Geocode 5510

Na Muean (Thai: นาหมื่น, pronounced [nāː mɯ̀ːn]) is a district (Amphoe) in the southern part of Nan Province, northern Thailand.


The minor district (King Amphoe) Na Muean was established on October 9, 1978 as a subordinate of Na Noi district, from which it was split off.[1][2] Originally it consisted of the three tambon Na Thanung, Bo Kaeo and Mueang Li. It was upgraded to a full district on July 4, 1994.[3]


The ferry over the Nan River Reservoir, created by the Sirikit Dam, connecting the village of Pak Tai in Na Muen District with the southern shore

Neighboring are from the north clockwise Na Noi of Nan Province, Ban Khok, Fak Tha, Nam Pat and Tha Pla of Uttaradit Province, Mueang Phrae and Rong Kwang of Phrae Province.

Panorama of the Phi Pan Nam Range in Na Muen District.
Panorama from road 1339 in Na Muen District.


The district is subdivided into 4 subdistricts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 48 villages (muban). Bo Kaeo is the township (thesaban tambon) and covers the complete area of tambon Bo Kaeo. There are further 3 Tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

No. Name Thai name Villages Inh.
1. Na Thanung นาทะนุง 17 4,989
2. Bo Kaeo บ่อแก้ว 14 4,756
3. Mueang Li เมืองลี 7 2,126
4. Ping Luang ปิงหลวง 10 3,168


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