Amrokkang Sports Club

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Full name Amrokkang Sports Club
Nickname(s) Green Police
Founded 19 September 1947 (69 years ago) (1947-09-19)[1]
Ground Yanggakdo Stadium, Pyongyang
Ground Capacity 30,000
Chairman Hoh-suk-yong
League DPR Korea League
2007 1st Place

Amrokkang Sports Club or Amrokkang Sports Team (Chosŏn'gŭl압록강체육단; Hancha鴨綠江體育團; RRAmnokgang Cheyukdan; MRAmnokkang Ch'eyuktan) is a North Korean multi-sports club.[2]

It has a football club that has been known to play in the DPR Korea League. This club belongs to the Ministry of People's Security (North Korean Police). Not much is known about this team other than they won various championship in the 1960s and were confirmed to have won the 2006 season. North Korea football internationals Cha Jong-Hyok, Pak Chol-Jin, and Kim Myong-Won play for Amrokgang.[2]


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