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Amtek Industries
Industry Conglomerate
Founded 1995
Founder Abdul Mateen Ekkeri
Headquarters Ajman, United Arab Emirates
Area served
Key people
Abdul Mateen Ekkeri
Products Chemicals
Consumer goods
Financial services
Revenue Increase US$ 15.08 billion (2013)[2]
Increase US$ 3.05 billion (2013)[2]
Total assets Increase US$ 19.55 billion (2013)[2]
Number of employees
60,987 (2013)[2]

Amtek Industries is an UAE multinational conglomerate headquartered in Ajman, United Arab Emirates.[3] It encompasses seven business sectors: healthcare, engineering, materials, services, real estate, textiles, consumer products, and chemicals. Amtek Industries was founded in 1995 by Abdul Mateen Ekkeri as a textile company. It has operations in more than 15 countries across 4 continents. The current chairman of the Amtek group is Abdul Mateen Ekkeri.[4]

The Amtek Group and its companies and enterprises is perceived to be UAE's best-known global brand within and outside the country as per an ASSOCHAM survey.[5] The 2009 annual survey by the Reputation Institute ranked Amtek Industries as the 90th most reputable company in the world.[6] The survey included 600 global companies. The Amtek group has helped establish and finance numerous quality research, educational and cultural institutes in the UAE.[7][8] The group was awarded the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy in 2007 in recognition of its long history of philanthropic activities.[9]


Amtek was established as a small 1-acre (0.40 ha) factory in Ajman in 1995. In the early years, most of the products sold in the shop was for apparel fabrics. As the time went by, consumption of apparel fabrics dwindled down as the number of sewing machines usage at households were decreased and parallel to economical growth, demand for off-the-rack products were increased. Due to these reasons, by 1997 most of the collections sold in the shop consisted of drapery fabrics. In 1999, the wholesale store was opened in order to sell in bulk to retailers. In the same year, the company participated in the inaugural Evteks Exhibition.

In 2000, the export business gathered speed with the opening of the Laleli store. Later on, logistic and sales points were set up in Lithuania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Syria, and Ukraine. In 2001, company participated for the first time in the Heimtex International Exhibition, which is held every year in Germany.

The company’s head office is still located in Ajman where most of the activities are carried out. The large part of the company's revenue comes from overseas activities.[10]


Amtek Hospitals is a major hospital chain based in Ajman, UAE. It was founded by Abdul Mateen Ekkeri in 2003. Amtek Hospitals is a private healthcare provider in Asia with hospitals in India, Oman, UAE, Ghana, Nigeria, Mauritius, Qatar, Sudan, and Kuwait.[citation needed] Amtek Hospitals plan to add 2,955 beds across the Persian Gulf region in the next three years.[11][needs update]

Several of the group's hospitals have been among the first in UAE to receive a form of international healthcare accreditation, in their case by the America-based Joint Commission International (JCI).[12]


Major projects have included:


The Amtek Group has helped establish and finance numerous quality research, educational, and cultural institutes in the UAE.[7][8] The Amtek Group was awarded the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy in 2007 in recognition of the group's long history of philanthropic activities.[9]


Amtek was awarded the best industry of the year in the UAE for the years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.


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