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Issue 1, November 1985
CategoriesComputer magazine
First issueNovember 1985
Final issue
April 1987
CompanyNewsfield Publications Ltd
CountryUnited Kingdom

Amtix (stylized as AMTIX!) was a magazine that reviewed Amstrad computer software in the mid-1980s. It was published monthly by Newsfield Publications Ltd.

Unlike Zzap!64 and CRASH (its more successful sister publications from Newsfield), Amtix! was relatively short-lived. It ran for 18 issues in total between November 1985 and April 1987, plus a special preview issue (Issue zero) which was given away with Zzap!64 and CRASH.

After issue 18, Amtix! was sold to Database Publications who merged the Amtix! games sections into their own Computing With the Amstrad magazine.[1]

Like Zzap!64 and Crash, Amtix! had very distinctive, comic-style cover art, drawn by Oliver Frey.


  1. ^ "The End of the Road for Amtix!". Amtix!. Newsfield Publications Ltd. (18). Retrieved 13 February 2015. After nearly eighteen months of hard reviewing, the AMTIX team is disbanding [..] This is the last issue of AMTIX! [..] Newsfield are passing the title on to Database Publications, who plan to incorporate the best features of AMTIX! in their magazine, COMPUTING WITH THE AMSTRAD.

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