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Not to be confused with the unrelated former British parcel company Amtrak Express Parcels.

Amtrak Express is Amtrak's freight and shipping service. It handles small package express service, heavy freight shipments and city-to-city freight shipping by private and commercial customers. Boxes up to 36" x 36" x 36"/50 pounds, suitcases, and boxed bicycles are acceptable, but numerous classes of fragile, valuable and hazardous items are not permitted. Large pallet shipments of up to 500 pounds (227 kg) are accepted at certain major stations.

Amtrak Express also transports shipments of human remains for funeral directors.

Service is available to/from most Amtrak stations that handle checked baggage (over 100 cities). Service and hours vary widely by station, limited by available equipment and security considerations, and service is not available on all days at all stations.

Pricing is based on the total weight and distance of shipment, and quoted transit times range from 3 to 7 days depending on distance and service frequency.

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