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Directed by Ezhil
Starring Jai Akash
Music by Sunil Xavier
Cinematography Sivakumar
Release date
  • 20 May 2005 (2005-05-20)
Country India
Language Tamil

Amudhey is a Tamil film released in 20 May 2005. It was directed by Ezhil. Starring Jai Akash, Madhumitha and Pranathi in lead roles.


Dhinakar (Jai Akash) hailing from an ordinary middle-class family and Nancy, a software engineer and sole breadwinner for her family, are neighbors in love with each other. But their dreams of getting married are shattered when their self-centered parents decide on proposals of their own choice.

Notwithstanding the overbearing parental pressures, Nancy marries Victor, a multimillionaire businessman, while Dhinakar marries his cousin - but not before the lead pair enter into a sly pact.

Dhinakar and Nancy contrive to marry the spouses chosen by their parents, only to officially dissolve their unhappy unions later and thereby pave way to their union. After a sequence of events, Nancy successfully convinces Victor about her unreserved enthusiasm for her past love. Nancy gets her divorce and takes the first step towards making a fresh start, but events overtake her in an unexpected final act.