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Amuka is the stage name used by singer/songwriter Sheila Brody. The name was coined by artist/producer Jahkey B, when they co-wrote the song "Appreciate Me" (the original title is: Jahkey B presents Amuka). Originally from Detroit, she was discovered by funk musician George Clinton and became a member of the Brides Of Funkenstein, a P-Funk spin-off act.

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Although she has performed as a rock and funk singer, Brody has earned the most success as a Club/Dance vocalist. In 1999 (as Blackwood) she released a best-selling album (Friday Night) and single ("Peace") in Italy before returning to the United States. Teaming with producer/remixer Peter Rauhofer she has released several singles that have charted well on the U.S. Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. Brody's 2003 song "Appreciate Me" (produced and co written with artist/producer Jahkey B, remixed by Peter Rauhofer and his Austrian fellow remixer Rainer Pototschnig known as "Airmale"), appeared on the television soundtrack Queer as Folk: Club Babylon. It also became a #1 Dance radio hit. In 2006, Brody earned her first number-one U.S. dance hit with her third single, the song "I Want More (Cling on to Me)". Amuka's second solo single, "U Ain't That Good" was produced by producer/remixer Peter Rauhofer. While "Craving" was Produced by Al B. Rich, and the vocal sessions were recorded and engineered by John Cassidy.

Amuka has also collaborated with musician, producer and engineer John Cassidy from Beat City Records in Miami, Florida. Contributing remixer and vocal production. Amuka has released singles that have charted well on the U.S. Hot Dance Music/Club Play and more recently, the Hot Dance Airplay chart. Amuka's 2007 is called "My Man." It is also the first of her singles to have an accompanying music video. Amuka's current song, "I Miss You" is active on charts.

She also performed the song "Everything Changes" on the 1999 soundtrack album Pokémon 2BA MASTER.

In 2012, she performed on rap group Public Enemy's album The Evil Empire of Everything, singing on the song Everything. She is signed to rapper Chuck D.'s Spit Digital label and is being produced by Chuck and Gary G-Wiz.

Chart singles[edit]

Year Song U.S Club Play U.S. Dance Airplay U.S. Dance Sales
2003 "Appreciate Me" 7 1 -
2005 "U Ain't That Good" 3 - -
2005 "Craving" 2 10 -
2006 "I Want More (Cling on to Me)" 1 10 -
2007 "My Man" 4 - -
2008 "I Miss You" 23 - -

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