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Amukta is located in Alaska
Location in Alaska

Amukta is a small yet mountainous island in the Islands of Four Mountains group lying between the Fox Islands and the Andreanof Islands in the Aleutian Islands. The nearest islands to it are Yunaska and Seguam Island; it is separated from Seguam Island by Amukta Pass. The small island of Chagulak lies directly northeast of it. The island reaches a total height of 3,461 feet (1,055 m). The island measures 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) long and 8.3 kilometres (5.2 mi) wide.

Mount Amukta on Amukta Island

Coordinates: 52°29′19″N 171°15′30″W / 52.48861°N 171.25833°W / 52.48861; -171.25833