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For the German record label, see A-Musik.
Amusic logo.jpg
Parent company eSun Holdings, a subsidiary of Lai Sun Development[1]
Founded 2004
Founder Peter Lam, Leon Lai, Mark Lui
Status active since 2004
Distributor(s) Media Asia Music
Genre Cantopop, Hong Kong English pop
Country of origin Hong Kong
Location Room 801B-802, 8/F, Tower A, Manulife Financial Centre, 223 Wai Yip Street
Kwun Tong,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Official website

Amusic is the record label of East Asia Record Production Co., Ltd. which was formed by businessman Peter Lam and singer Leon Lai on 28 July 2004 with the aim of developing artist with potential and strength to produce music with quality and diversity so as to reward music lovers.[2] Its sister company is East Asia Record Group Co., Ltd.[3]

The first artist to be signed by the company is Leon Lai and the first album, "Dawn" was released by the company in 2004.

On December 20, 2005, Amusic released a Christmas compilation album consisting of songs of Leon Lai, Janice Vidal, Charles Ying, Jill Vidal and Chapman To. The album purpose is to promote Jill and let the people to know more about her. At the same time, Leon participate in the vocals of Chapman R&B style song "Joy till dawn".[4]

In November 2006, Amusic caused a stir when it announced it would release 4 new albums on the same day, November 21. The albums were by Leon Lai, Janice Vidal, her twin sister Jill Vidal, and Chapman To.



The artists currently under the record labels are:

East Asia Music:

The artists currently under its sister company are:

In late 2008, eSun Holdings bought Capital Artists, and renamed Amusic. It has now been turned into Amusic + Capital Artists. Capital Artists closed down in 2001, due to financial problems, and was said not to produce music. In the early of 2009, it opens back and produces music again. Miriam Yeung was the first singer to sign back to Capital Artists in 2010.

Capital Artists:

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