Amusing the Amazing

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Amusing the Amazing
Amusing the Amazing.jpg
EP by Slo Burn
Released 1996
Recorded September 5-9, 1996, at Sound City Studios in Van Nuys and Hollywood, California, Sound
Genre Stoner rock
Length 15:48
Label Malicious Vinyl
Producer Chris Goss and Slo Burn
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars[1]

Amusing the Amazing is an EP released by American stoner rock band Slo Burn in 1996. It contains only four songs, and sounds very much in the vein of Kyuss, of stoner rock fame, partly due to having been co-produced by Chris Goss, who also produced much of the music of Kyuss, and partly due to the presence of John Garcia, formerly of Kyuss, on vocals.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "The Prizefighter" 2:16
2. "Muezli" 5:12
3. "Pilot the Dune" 3:28
4. "July" 4:51

Later unofficial releases of this EP had added tracks from their earlier five track demo. The quality of these extra tracks is inferior to the normal EP. These tracks are:

  • Wheel Fall (4:08)
  • Positiva (4:25)
  • Cactus Jumper (2:58)
  • Round Trip (2:29)
  • Snake Hips (3:49)

"Cactus Jumper" has since been re-recorded and was officially released on John Garcia's 2014 solo album as "All These Walls".

Band members[edit]

  • John Garcia - vocals
  • Chris Hale - guitars
  • Damon Garrison - bass guitar
  • Brady Houghton - drums
  • Chris Goss - producer
  • Slo Burn - Producer
  • Martin Schmelzle - engineer
  • Ralph Cacciurri - assistant engineer
  • Greg Fiddlman - assistant engineer
  • Kevin Estrada - band photographer
  • All songs by Slo Burn


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