Amy Action

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Amy Action
Born (1977-09-19) 19 September 1977 (age 37)
Canberra, Australia
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Amy Action
Kombat Karl
Billed from Canberra, Australia
Trained by Billy Condolian, Andy Harpas
Debut 14 June 1995
Retired 26 September 2013[citation needed]

Amy Action (born 20 February 1977) is an Australian professional wrestler.[1][2] She is notable for being one of the first women to wrestle in the Men's Division in Australia.[3][4][5]

Kombat Karl[edit]

Action competed in several matches in the Men's Division of the AWA. Wrestling under the stage name Kombat Karl, Action wore baggy clothing and a mask to hide her appearance, as it was illegal at the time for women to wrestle against men.[6]


In wrestling[edit]

  • Finishing moves
  • The Arch Enemy~Bridging overhead double chicken wing Cattle Mutilation Variation

Signature moves

  • Elevated Inverted Full Nelson Chin Lock
  • The Crocodile Roll
  • The Croc RockSpinning sidewalk slam
  • Top rope missile drop kick
  • Spin heel kick

Championships and accomplishments[edit]

  • AWA (Australian Wrestling Alliance) Women’s title defeating Indian Queen Kumari (1996);
  • TWP (Titan Wrestling Promotion) Women’s title defeated Thunderstorm (4);
  • ACW (Australian Championship Wrestling) Women’s title;
  • JKW (Junior Kickstart Wrestling) Women’s title


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