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The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street in 2004, by order of first appearance.

Eric Garside[edit]

Eric Garside
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Peter Kay
Appears on 30 January 2004
Introduced by Kieran Roberts
Classification Former; guest
Occupation Drayman

Eric Garside, played by Peter Kay, appeared on 30 January 2004. Eric is a drayman who arrives at the Rovers Return Inn in January 2004 for a date with Shelley Unwin (Sally Lindsay). He immediately reclaims £10 that Jack Duckworth (Bill Tarmey) had borrowed four years earlier. Eric takes Shelley to a posh restaurant and the pair then go back to Eric's house for a cup of tea. Eric's overbearing mother, Dolly, greets them in her dressing gown and Shelley beats a hasty retreat, refusing Eric's offer of another date. She advises him to cut the apron strings before asking another girl out.

Amy Barlow[edit]

Amy Barlow
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Rebecca Pike (2004–05)
Madison Hampson (2005–06)
Amber Chadwick (2006–10)
Elle Mulvaney (2010–)
Duration 2004–
First appearance 9 February 2004
Introduced by Kieran Roberts
Classification Present; recurring
Home 1 Coronation Street

Amy Katherine Barlow (née Patience Cropper), played by Elle Mulvaney, made her first screen appearance during the episode broadcast on 9 February 2004. To date, the character has been portrayed by six child actors; Holly Bowyer, Rebecca Pike, Louisa Morris, Madison Hampson, Amber Chadwick and Mulvaney. Hampson quit Coronation Street in 2006 after her parents felt the role was "too harrowing."[2] Chadwick took over the part when she was two-years-old and filmed her first scenes in March 2006.[2] Although Amy's surname has stayed Barlow, Chadwick was credited as Amy McDonald for three episodes from 2009 to 2010.[3] Mulvaney has been nominated for Best Young Actor at the Inside Soap Awards in 2010, 2011 and 2012.[4]

After a one-night stand with Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson), Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) falls pregnant. However, Tracy drugs Roy Cropper and pretends that she has had sex with him, leading him to believe he is the father. Tracy offers to sell her baby to Roy and his wife, Hayley (Julie Hesmondhalgh), and they accept. Roy marries Tracy to ensure he would be named the baby's carer. Tracy gives birth to a daughter and she is called Patience by Roy and Hayley. Tracy later changes her mind and demands her daughter back during Steve's wedding, admitting that he is the father. Roy and Hayley hand her back and Tracy renames her Amy. Steve's wife, Karen (Suranne Jones), resents Amy's presence, even causing a fight at her christening. Karen later steals Tracy's car, unaware Amy is in the back. She burns the car, making Tracy believe that Amy is still in it when she is actually safe. Tracy murders Charlie Stubbs (Bill Ward) and she is sent to jail. Amy moves in with Steve and his mother Liz (Beverley Callard) at the Rovers Return Inn. Amy is almost knocked down by Harry Mason (Jack Ellis) while she is meant to be looked after by Darryl Morton (Jonathan Dixon).

Steve marries Becky Granger (Katherine Kelly), who cares for Amy as if she was her own daughter. When Amy is bullied about Tracy, Becky tells her about Tracy being in prison and they later visit her. Amy's great-grandmother Blanche (Maggie Jones) dies, upsetting her. Becky looks after Amy and she ties a picture to a balloon for Blanche. Tracy attends Blanche's funeral and is reunited with Amy, who is initially frightened of her. Amy is upset further when Tracy attacks Becky. Tracy is freed and visits Amy, who tells her about Steve and Becky buying Max Turner (Harry McDermott). Amy moves in with Tracy at the Barlow house. Amy goes to Blackpool with Steve and Tracy. When she becomes fed up with them arguing, she runs off. Amy is eventually found and the family spend the night in Blackpool, after Steve's car is towed away. Amy is diagnosed with a dairy allergy after she ends up in hospital. Amy starts deliberately making herself ill, so Steve will come around and look after her with Tracy. Tracy and Steve are mortified when Amy admits she has been drinking milk on purpose in a bid for more attention. Steve leaves Amy with Ken's grandson James (James Roache), when he has a work problem to deal with. James asks Amy to go upstairs, but she overhears his conversation with a surveyor. James threatens to put Tracy in prison if Amy tells anyone. A few days later, Amy tells Tracy and James insists she is making the story up. Tracy and Amy then leave for London for a few weeks.

On their return, Tracy announces she is pregnant and she and Steve start a proper relationship. Amy is excited to have two new siblings and her mother and father back together. Amy acts in the local nativity play and she asks to visit Becky, following a fire at her flat. Amy acts as bridesmaid at Tracy and Steve's wedding, but her parents split up shortly afterwards. Steve divides the house in two, with Amy living upstairs with Tracy. When Steve cuts the electricity, Tracy asks Ken (William Roache) and Deirdre Barlow (Anne Kirkbride) to look after Amy. Steve later removes the partition and moves out, leaving Amy and Tracy to live with Beth Tinker (Lisa George) and her son. Lesley Kershaw (Judy Holt) takes Amy to the park. Steve catches up with them and brings Amy home to a worried Tracy. Amy notices her pocket money has gone missing from her piggy bank, but Tracy does not believe her. It later transpires that Amy's cousin Simon (Alex Bain) stole it along with Aadi Alahan's (Zennon Ditchett) game console. Amy and Tracy are left homeless when Steve decides to sell number 13, but they eventually move in with Tracy's godmother Emily Bishop (Eileen Derbyshire) and Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden). However they are kicked out again when Tracy ruins Norris' shoes unaware that they were actually Emily's late husband Ernest Bishop's (Stephen Hancock). Ken refuses to take Tracy in however makes Amy as an exception, but Tracy refuses to separate from Amy. Tracy complains of stomach pains but everyone refuses to believe her knowing her manipulative personality. However Deirdre, Ken and Amy later find her on the floor collapsed and is rushed to hospital. Tracy tells Amy that she and Steve are reuniting, but witnesses Steve kissing his former girlfriend Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh). Upset and confused, she tells Deirdre.

Amy eventually bonds with Michelle and accepts her and Steve's relationship. When Tracy begins a relationship with Rob Donovan, she starts bunking off to stay at his flat. Ken and Deirdre accuse Tracy of neglect and she goes to live with Steve, Michelle and Michelle's son Ryan in their small 2 bedroom flat and Amy has to sleep on a sofa bed in the lounge. However, when Stella Price puts Steve's former pub The Rovers up for sale, he buys it back from her and Ryan goes to live in Ibiza. Amy's grandmother Liz returns as landlady of the Rovers and she also lives there. She stays with Ken, Deirdre and Tracey twice a week but Tracy usually stays at Rob's flat for the rest of the time.

Amy starts getting troublemaking traits from her mother. This starts when Amy taunts Simon when his father, Peter, is sent to prison for the murder of Tina McIntyre. Whilst being looked after by Sophie Webster and her girlfriend, Maddie, Amy becomes jealous of the amount of attention that Simon is getting. After Maddie berates Amy for bullying Simon, Amy sneaks off to see Tracy and lies that Maddie has threatened to hit her. A week later, Simon and Amy are once again looked after by Maddie and Sophie and again, Amy is jealous of the attention that Maddie shows to Simon. When they stop at The Kabin to get some sweets, Amy deliberately lets Deirdre's dog, Eccles off her lead, knowing that the dog going missing would greatly upset Simon. Later, Sophie and Maddie find Eccles and return her home to a relieved Deirdre and Simon.

Amy causes more trouble when she cuts her hand on the back door and lies that Eccles has bitten her. Tracy is furious and insists that the dog must be put down. Simon is devastated and tells Sophie and Maddie about what has happened. Maddie and a reluctant Sophie agree to try and help and so they take Eccles and hide her in number 4. The Barlow's begin searching for Eccles and a couple of days later, Ken spots Sophie and Maddie taking her for a walk. Ken brings the dog home and Tracy again insists that Eccles has to go. Ken tries to get Amy to tell the truth about her injury and she eventually reveals that she lied about Eccles biting her. Maddie praises Amy for telling the truth, telling her that she was very brave.

In May 2015, Amy along with Carla becomes trapped in a fire in the Victoria Court flats after it was accidentally started by Tracy. Carla is rescued whilst Leanne and her partner, Kal enter the flat to save Amy, but the three become trapped when the roof caves in and blocks the door. Luckily, the fire brigade arrive and manage to get Amy and Leanne out of the flat, but an explosion happens, killing Kal. However, Amy does not seem to take Kal's death seriously and feels happier that she was rescued from the fire.

In July 2015, Amy is upset to learn that her grandmother Deirdre died just before she was due to return to Weatherfield.

Yvonne Casey[edit]

Yvonne Casey
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Yvonne O'Grady
Duration 2004, 2006–07, 2010
First appearance 30 April 2004
Last appearance 18 October 2010
Classification Former; recurring

Yvonne Casey is the mother of Claire Peacock (Julia Haworth). Little is known about her, but during Claire's battle with post-natal depression, Yvonne admitted she had not been close enough to Claire as a child. She occasionally appears to babysit Freddie (Niall Beresford) and Joshua (Benjamin Beresford) and to support Claire during marital crises with Ashley (Steven Arnold).

In September 2006, Claire begins leaving home every day, telling Ashley that Yvonne has terminal cancer and needs her care. After several weeks, Yvonne shows up at Ashley's butcher shop, telling Ashley she'd been away learning yoga techniques. She is shocked to learn the lies Claire has told, and then works with Ashley to help Claire recover from post-natal depression. In 2007, Claire moves in with Yvonne following an arson attack which damages the Peacock home. She is shown to object to Claire's friendship with Casey Carswell (Zoe Henry). Claire then returns home. In summer 2008 Claire and the kids stay with her while their new home is being renovated. Yvonne made her last appearance in October 2010, when she visits Claire, telling her about her plans to move to France with her new partner.

Claire tries to contact Yvonne in late 2010 to inform her that Ashley has died from injuries sustained during an explosion on Coronation Street. Claire leaves the Street in January 2011, to join Yvonne in France.

Danny Baldwin[edit]

Main article: Danny Baldwin

Frankie Baldwin[edit]

Frankie Fraser
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Debra Stephenson
Duration 2004-06
First appearance 6 June 2004
Last appearance 31 December 2006
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Café Waitress
Home Romania

Francesca "Frankie" Fraser (previously Baldwin) was played by Debra Stephenson.

Glamorous Frankie met her husband Danny (Bradley Walsh) when she worked as a babysitter for his son Jamie (Rupert Hill). Even though he was still married to his first wife Carol, Frankie could not resist sleeping with Danny, as she had fallen in love with him. They had a son of their own, Warren (Danny Young), and she also became close to her stepson Jamie after she married Danny. He cheated on her numerous times, but she continued to forgive him until he cheated on her with Jamie's girlfriend Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson).

Upon entering Weatherfield, Frankie appeared stuck up and prissy, eager for Danny to sell the house they shared in London so they could move into somewhere more suitable. Frankie exploded when she discovered Danny had slept with Sunita Parekh (Shobna Gulati), and declared war on her. This perhaps is what drew her to Sunita's nemesis Maya Sharma (Sasha Behar). However, after learning of Maya's true nature, she apologised to Sunita and forgave her.

After a while, Frankie began to settle into the street more - especially after striking up a bond with Vera Duckworth (Liz Dawn). When Vera was ill, Frankie took care of her by doing her chores for her, filling in her job for her and advised her husband Jack (Bill Tarmey) to be more sensitive and attentive to Vera's needs. This led to Frankie securing a permanent position at the cafe, where she works with enemy Leanne.

Frankie saw Leanne as not worthy for Jamie, and became suspicious of her cheating on him. Frankie discovered Leanne's affair with her husband Danny when Leanne lost her phone. Leanne and Danny had arranged to meet at a hotel but Leanne cancelled at the last minute. Annoyed, Danny rang her phone and said all the things he wanted to do to Leanne - not aware that Frankie was on the other end of the line. Frankie chucked Danny out and from then on she lived with Jamie, and Jamie's mother Carol (Lynne Pearson). But after Carol accused Frankie and Jamie of sleeping with each other, Frankie kicked Carol out, and Carol left the street for good.

Danny, regretting losing her and scared at the thought of spending the rest of his life with Leanne, begged Frankie to take him back. Frankie remained strong and the divorce went ahead, with Frankie moving boyfriend Nathan in just days before. She celebrated her divorce by jetting off alone for a holiday in her newly acquired Villa in Spain.

In October 2006 Frankie's former stepson Jamie declared his love for her at Fred Elliott's (John Savident) funeral and they kissed but the revelation shocked her and drove her back into the arms of ex-husband Danny. However she couldn't resist Jamie's advances and they embarked on a relationship, much to the disgust of the other residents of the street. The news also led to Danny disappearing.

Frankie and Jamie decided to head to Spain to start afresh, but at the last minute on New Year's Eve 2006, Frankie got cold feet. She ended it with a devastated Jamie, and left to stay with a friend in Essex. As she departed in a taxi, Jamie was consoled by friend Sean Tully (Antony Cotton). But the misery wasn't over - at midnight Jamie received a call from father, Danny, telling him he had sold the flat and he was "sorry" to hear about his break up with Frankie.

In 2009, Roy (David Neilson) and Hayley Cropper (Julie Hesmondhalgh) are invited to Frankie's wedding to a footballer in Coronation Street: Romanian Holiday, but they arrive a week late.[5] Frankie lets them stay in her villa while she is honeymooning. As Debra Stephenson did not reprise the role, Frankie goes unseen.

Billy Platt[edit]

Billy Platt
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Unknown
First appearance 1 June 2004
Last appearance 2 June 2004
Classification Former; guest

William "Billy" Platt was the son of Sarah-Louise Platt (Tina O'Brien) and Todd Grimshaw (Bruno Langley). Sarah, already a teenage mother, was 16 at the time she conceived Billy, after Todd had suggested the two try for a baby of their own. Sarah was reluctant, and when she discovered her pregnancy she was considering getting an abortion. However, Todd brought Sarah around to the idea of having the baby. On Christmas Day 2003, Nick (Adam Rickitt), Sarah's brother revealed to her mother that his sister was pregnant. By this time Sarah had made a firm decision to keep the baby. For the next few months this caused friction between Gail Platt (Helen Worth) and Sarah. In April 2004, Sarah suffered her first placental abruption, and felt Billy was dead. Once at the hospital it was discovered Billy was fine, however his heart beat was a tad slow. This was caused by some uncertainty within Sarah and Todd's relationship. However, when Todd reveals to Sarah when he is gay, she suffers a second placental abruption on 1 June 2004, 3 months away from her due date. The abruption was so serious Billy had to be born by Cesarean. His first 24 hours alive were critical, and his father Todd was never granted access to see him. Sarah did not want to allow Todd into Billy, and she didn't want her son either. On 2 June, Sarah finally agreed to go and see her son, who was in an incubator. However, Billy's health deteriorated and whilst Sarah was bonding with Billy for the first time, he died. Todd never saw his son alive, apart from a photograph that Gail gave him after the death of her grandson, his son. Sarah continuously blamed herself for his death until his funeral on 7 June 2004. Despite doubts from the rest of the street's members, Todd finally showed up with his family to say goodbye to his son.

Sarah and Todd regularly visited his grave until they left Weatherfield.

Dr. Patel[edit]

Dr. Patel
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Josephine Lloyd-Welcome
Duration 2004, 2008–10
First appearance 12 July 2004
Last appearance 15 January 2010
Occupation Doctor

Dr. Patel was first seen when Josephine Lloyd-Welcome played Sunita Alahan's (Shobna Gulati) doctor in 2004, but was not credited as Dr. Patel. She works at Rosamund Street Medical Centre. In 2008, she re-appeared when her receptionist, Gail Platt (Helen Worth) asked her to visit neighbour Jerry Morton (Michael Starke), who had recently suffered a heart attack. She appeared again the following spring, when Gail's boyfriend Joe McIntyre (Reece Dinsdale) suffered a back injury. He visited her several times over the next few months, as he had become addicted to the painkillers she had prescribed to him. Dr. Patel was last seen tending to Sunita's daughter Asha Alahan (Tanisha Gorey) in January 2010.

Warren Baldwin[edit]

Warren Baldwin
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Danny Young
Duration 2004-06
First appearance 13 July 2004
Last appearance 22 November 2006
Occupation Footballer
Home Spain

Warren Baldwin was played by Danny Young. Warren is the youngest member of the Baldwin family. He is the half-brother of Jamie Baldwin (Rupert Hill) and son of Danny (Bradley Walsh) and Frankie Baldwin (Debra Stephenson). He arrives on the Street to live with his parents after being kicked out of his football club. His mother was disappointed when she found out about this as she had hopes of his fame and fortune. Candice Stowe (Nikki Sanderson) later finds out that he is no longer a footballer and that Warren had been telling lies to impress her, resulting in Candice dumping him. Later Warren joins Weatherfield County FC, and Candice decides that she wants to give him another chance. In August 2005, Warren leaves the Street to launch his football career and start a new life in Spain, leaving Candice behind after they split up again.

He makes a surprise return to Weatherfield on 20 November 2006 when he is back in England for trials with Port Vale, which he fails. Warren moves to Spain again, and in early December 2006 his mother goes to visit him to see if he has heard from father Danny who had left Weatherfield and disappeared. She also reveals her affair with Jamie to him, a revelation which results in Warren falling out with his mother.

Jamie Baldwin[edit]

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Kelly Crabtree[edit]

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Violet Wilson[edit]

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Ian Davenport[edit]

Ian Davenport
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Philip Bretherton
Duration 2004–05
First appearance 8 November 2004
Last appearance 11 May 2005
Classification Former; recurring
Occupation Car Salesman

Ian Davenport is the father of Gemma, Rosie Webster's (Helen Flanagan) classmate at Oakhill. He first appears on 8 November when Rosie and her family are invited over. The Davenports and the Websters get along very well and Ian soon takes a shine to Rosie's mother, Sally (Sally Dynevor). Sally later takes a job working for Ian at his dealership and they soon begin an affair. When Ian's wife, Justine suspects he is having an affair, Sally gets nervous and tries to end things with Ian. Ian then threatens to make her life miserable at work if she does end the affair. When Sally tells her husband Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) that Ian tried to fire her for refusing to sleep with him, Kevin punches Ian in the mouth and he is not seen again.


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