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For the New Zealand entomologist, see Amy Castle (entomologist).
Amy Castle
Born Amy Jessica Castle
(1990-04-02) April 2, 1990 (age 26)
Woodland Hills, California, USA
Years active 1998–present

Amy Castle (born Amy Jessica Castle on April 2, 1990, in Woodland Hills, California) is an American actress, and internet personality. She is known for her role as Viki Vanderheusen on Passions, as the original Cuppycake Girl, and as a YouTube Partner under the channel SandCastleInc..

Personal life[edit]

When Castle isn't working, she enjoys dancing, which she has been studying since she was 4, singing, playing guitar, and making short films with friends. She has recently discovered her passion for filmmaking (editing specifically), and has her own YouTube channel which she shares with Erin Sanders who played Quinn on Zoey 101.

Contrary to popular belief, Castle is the one who sang "You're My Honeybunch (The Cuppycake Song)", one of her best-known songs, not Strawberry Shortcake, whose vocal role is played by Sarah Heinke.


She began studying acting at the age of 4, and signed with her manager and first agent in Fall of 1998. On her fifth audition, she landed the role of young Ally on the hit TV series Ally McBeal. During the show's second and third seasons she appeared in eight episodes. Since then, she has appeared in many other shows, including The Norm Show, Providence, Lizzie McGuire, Oliver Beene, Malcolm in the Middle, and Summerland.

In 2002, Castle won a Young Artist Award for "Best Performance In A Comedy Series - Guest Starring Young Actress" for her work on Lizzie McGuire in the episode "Just Like Lizzie". In the summer of 2007, Amy booked what is currently her largest role to date: A recurring part on the daytime drama Passions. She plays Viki, the niece of Harmony resident Esme Vanderheusen.

In 2009, Castle played Tara on General Hospital.

In 2010, she played Amy Dillard in the episode "Nevada vs Senator Harper" of The Defenders.

As of June 9, 2011, Amy was officially brought on as a YouTube Partner, and continues to upload videos regularly for her food and restaurant series, "What's Amy Eating?", under the YouTube name "SandCastleInc.".


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