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Amy Catherine Walton (9 August 1849 – 1939), born Amy Catherine Deck and better known as Mrs O. F. Walton, was an English author of Christian children's books, mainly but not exclusively fictional. She was the daughter of an Anglican priest and married another. She spent four years living in Jerusalem.


Amy was the daughter of the vicar of St Stephen's Church, Spring Street, Hull.

Her career as an author began with My Mates And I, written in 1870 but not published until 1873. Her first published work was My Little Corner in 1872. In 1874 came one of her most famous books, Christie's Old Organ, which has been regularly reprinted up to the present day. It is the story of orphaned Christie and his friend, the aged organ-grinder Treffy. It was introduced to Japan in 1882 and was published in 1885 by the translation of Tajima Kashi.[1] It was one of the earliest books in history of both Christian and children's literature of Japan and was re-translated in 1903 and 1994.[2]

In 1875 she married Octavius Frank Walton, who was her father's curate at the time. It was under her husband's name, as Mrs O. F. Walton, that she was to become better known. In the year of their marriage they moved to Jerusalem where Octavius took up a ministry in a church on Mount Zion until 1879. While there in 1877, her book A Peep Behind The Scenes was published. It is the story of Rosalie, a child who works in a travelling theatre.

The Waltons lived at Cally, Kirkcudbrightshire for a while, and from 1883 Octavius was in the ministry at the church of St Thomas's, York, moving to St Jude's, Wolverhampton, in 1893. He retired in 1918. Amy Catherine Walton died in Leigh, Kent in 1939.

Although she wrote many more books, it is A Peep Behind the Scenes and Christie's Old Organ that have remained well known, continuing to be published by the Lutterworth Press, successor to her original publisher, the Religious Tract Society.


  • My Little Corner: A Book For Cottage Homes (1872)
  • Little Dot And Her Friends (1873)
  • My Mates And I (1873)
  • Throw Me Overboard (1873)
  • Christie's Old Organ; Or, "Home, Sweet Home" (1874)
  • A Peep Behind The Scenes (1877)
  • Saved At Sea: A Lighthouse Story (1879)
  • Was I Right? (1879)
  • Angel's Christmas (1880)
  • Little Faith; Or, The Child Of The Toy Stall (1880)
  • Our Home In Heaven (1881)
  • Nobody Loves Me (1883)
  • The Four Little Preachers: A New Year's Address To Sunday Scholars (1884)
  • Olive's Story; Or, Life At Ravenscliffe (1884)
  • Shadows: Scenes And Incidents In The Life Of An Old Arm-Chair (1884)
  • Taken Or Left (1885)
  • Launch The Life Boat! (1886)
  • Poppy's Presents (1886)
  • Winter's Folly (1889)
  • The King's Cup-Bearer (1891)
  • Nemo; Or, The Wonderful Door (1893)
  • Elisha: The Man Of Abel-Meholah (1897)
  • "Our Gracious Queen": Jubilee Pictures And Stories From Her Majesty's Life (1897)
  • Christie, The King's Servant (1898)
  • Olive's School Days (1900)
  • Whiter Than Snow (1900)
  • Audrey; Or, Children Of Light (1904)
  • The Mysterious House (1904)
  • Doctor Forester (1906)
  • Golden Threads For Life's Weaving (1906)
  • The Lost Clue (1907)
  • Unbeaten Paths In Sacred Story (1907)
  • Strange Diana (1919)


  1. ^ Tajima Kashi (田島 かし, 1864 - ?). Tajima is the family name. She had used another kanji name Tajima Kashi (田島 佳志) or pen name Kōu (香雨).
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