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Amy Davis

Amy Davis is a fashion illustrator, actress, filmmaker, and musician. Her father is multi-talented musician Mel Davis. Her illustrations have been in shows all over the world as well as in magazines and books. She is married to filmmaker Jon Moritsugu, and helps run his DIY production company, Apathy Productions. In spring of 2011, Jon Moritsugu directed with wife and creative partner, Amy Davis, a music video for the song No Future Shock by Brooklyn rock group TV on the Radio. Rani Molla. "Santa Fe filmmakers Jon Moritsugu and Amy Davis veer (very slightly) from their underground experimental base with a music video released today for popular Brooklyn experimental (see!) band TV on the Radio. The video is one in a movie-length series of music videos for the band's new album Nine Types of Light.[1] All the videos were also released as part of a one-hour long movie on the same date.


Amy Davis studied at Rhode Island School of Design and graduated with a BFA in Illustration. She has been known to describe her experience at RISD as one of torture and anguish, saying that she "tried to drop out but was forced to stay and graduate."[2]


Amy Davis began her acting career in 1990 in Jon Moritsugu's My Degeneration.[3] From there on she acted in all of his films; she was Eightball in Terminal USA (1993). She was the star of 1994's Mod Fuck Explosion as the angst ridden teen London, caught between a violent gang war. 1997's Fame Whore brought her the roll of Sophie. She was co-writer and cinematographer, as well as playing "Roxie," in 2002's Scumrock. She now currently shares the roll of Screenwriter/Producer with husband Jon Moritsugu. They are in post production on their latest film, Pig Death Machine.[4]

Paper Magazine[edit]

From 1996 to 2005 Amy Davis worked for Paper (magazine), writing and illustrating the monthly column, Style Fiends, which featured characters created by Davis, who were dripping in the latest hard-to-find fashion. She also did a special fashion week project in 2000 called Lab Launchpad Lounge. In this feature, her illustrations featured radical elements such as dangerous looking braces, or a figure wearing a dress that says "Eat the Rich." In 2009 she started a blog for Paper Magazine called Couture Voyeur and featured Amy's characters sporting the fashion that everyone wants but cannot afford. Her illustrated makeovers were also featured in the magazine, and well as celebrity illustrations. She was also featured in Paper's book "20 years of Style: The world according to Paper", and also "From Abfab to Zen: Paper's guide to pop culture" published in 1999.[5]


Amy Davis is bass and vocals for the band Low on High, which she started with Jon Moritsugu.[6] They are a low-fi band with a skuzzy garage punk feel. They self-released their self-titled cd in 2009.[7]


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