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Amy Ella Blanchard ca. 1900

Amy Ella Blanchard (June 28, 1856 – 1926) was an American writer of children's literature. Daughter of Daniel Harris and Sarah (Reynolds) Blanchard,[1] she was born in Baltimore, Maryland, studied art in New York City and Philadelphia, and for two years taught drawing and painting in Plainfield, New Jersey.[2] She was a lifelong companion of her artist collaborator Ida Waugh (1819-1919).[3] They had neighbouring cottages at Bailey Island, Maine where they helped organize the construction of a chapel in 1916.[4] Winters were spent in Redding Ridge, Connecticut. [5]


Front cover of Bonnie Bairns (1889) by Ida Waugh

She was a prolific writer. Her works include:

  • Holly Berries (poetry), in collaboration with Ida Waugh (1882)
  • Wee Babies (poetry), with Ida Waugh (1882)
  • Daisies and Raindrops (poetry), with Ida Waugh (1882)
  • Bonny Bairns (poetry), with Ida Waugh (Worthington, 1888)
  • Tell Me a Story (poetry), with Ida Waugh (Worthington, 1888)
  • Tangles & Curls or Little Boys and Little Girls (poetry), with Ida Waugh (Worthington, 1888)
  • Ida Waugh's Alphabet Book (poetry), with Ida Waugh (Lippincott, 1888)
  • A Girl of '76 (1898)
  • A Sweet Little Maid, "Little Maid" series (1899)
  • "A Revolutionary Maid" (1899)
  • A Heroine of 1812 (1901)
  • Little Miss Oddity (1902)
  • A Frontier Knight (1904)
  • Little Maid Marian, "Little Maid" series (1908)
  • A Journey of Joy (two girls and their chaperone on a trip through Europe) (1908)
  • When Mother Was a Little Girl (poetry), with Ida Waugh (Ernest Nister, 1909)
  • A Dear Little Girl (publication date unknown)
  • The Glad Lady set in Spain (1910)
  • Wit's End (1909)
  • Talbot's Angles (set on the fictional titular estate in Maryland)
  • Fagots and Flames; A Story of Winter Camp Fires (1916)
  • A Girl Scout of Red Rose Troop (1918)
  • From Tenderfoot to Golden Eaglet: A Girl Scout Story, (Wilde, 1921)

She contributed a few titles to the Camp Fire Girls series including:

  • The Camp Fire Girls of Brightwood : a story of how they kindled their fire and kept it burning (1915)
  • In Camp with the Muskoday Camp Fire Girls (1917)

She also wrote the "Corner" and "Little Maid" series.


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