Amy Goldstein

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Amy Goldstein
Director Amy Goldstein.jpg
Born Amy Barbara Goldstein
Miami FL
Occupation Owner Span Productions, film director, producer, screenwriter
Years active 1986-present

Amy Goldstein is an American director, producer and screenwriter of music videos, television series (HBO, Fox, CBS, Showtime, MTV), and feature films. Her work has been presented at film festivals worldwide.


Amy Goldstein graduated a Louis B. Mayer fellow from NYU film school. Goldstein has directed music videos for artists worldwide, including Rod Stewart’s "Downtown Train." Her lesbian vampire musical, Because The Dawn, premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 1988.[1][2][3] With Scott Kraft she co-wrote and directed the feature film, The Silencer, for Crown.[4] In 2000, Goldstein directed the award-winning feature film East of A about an alternative family facing the challenges of raising a child with HIV.[5][6][7][8][9] Amy writes for television and film, including pilots for HBO, CBS, Fox, Showtime and MTV, and a hip-hop musical for Polygram/Jersey Films. Her latest film The Hooping Life is about the resurgence in hooping.

Personal life[edit]

Based in Los Angeles, she is the sister of film critic and Los Angeles Times columnist Patrick Goldstein.

Feature films[edit]

Promotional poster for The Hooping Life

Short films[edit]

Music videos[edit]


Community involvement[edit]


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