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Amy Honey
OriginWest Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia, Canada
Instrumentsvocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano
Years active1998–present
LabelsLance Rock Records, Red Cat Records, Self Righteous Records

Amy Honey is a Canadian singer-songwriter from West Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia.

Background and career[edit]

Over the years, Honey has formed a number of bands, including the ladyrock extravaganza known as Clover Honey, which toured Canada several times and won CITR radio's prestigious "Shindig Battle of the Bands" in 1999. Honey formed her own band in 2002 and recorded her self-titled debut CD with Scott Henderson at S.O.S. Studios.

Honey toured Canada in support of her debut album, sharing the stage with Howe Gelb and Mr. Airplane Man. She has also played shows with such diverse performers as Carolyn Mark, Jenny Whiteley, Chris Brown, Andrew Vincent, The Willowz, Po' Girl, Chet, The Doers, Ida Nilsen, Blood Meridian, Veda Hille, Hank Pine & Lily Fawn, 20 Miles and BJ Snowden.

In 2003, Honey and her husband opened Red Cat Records, an independent record store in Vancouver, BC, specializing in local and rare CDs and dedicated to promoting the releases and shows of local bands.

Honey released her second solo album, Pioneer Woman, in 2007. The album was recorded at Tolan McNeil's Lucky Mouse Studios and also features Tolan McNeil, Gregory "Goose" MacDonald, Carolyn Mark, Diona Davies, Ida Nilsen, Grayson Walker and Calvin Dick.


  • Clover Honey, Go Horse Go CD (Lance Rock Records) 2000
  1. Dirty Honey
  2. Caroline
  3. Long Gone
  4. It' All Good
  5. Late August
  6. Omar
  7. Alleyway
  8. Summer Song
  9. The Beast
  10. Really Dirty Honey
  • Amy's Rocks, Plans CD + Zine (self released) 2001

  • Amy Honey, S/T CD (Red Cat Records) 2003
  1. Dirtbikin'
  2. Do Ya Wanna Play Darts?
  3. Porchlights
  4. Mishka Lishka
  5. Rochon Sands
  6. Time Machine
  7. Make Me A Woman Tonight
  8. Lousy Mom
  9. Shady Pines Campground
  10. Sabbath!
  11. About the Exes
  12. Welcomf Home
  13. Ride
  • Amy Honey, Pioneer Woman CD (Self Righteous Records) 2007
  1. Woods Hag
  2. Farley Mowat
  3. Pioneer Woman
  4. Do or Be Damned
  5. Red Wine
  6. Lily My Deer
  7. Larry The Homicidal Maniac
  8. Hopeless
  9. Maybelline & Billy
  10. Sweet Ol' West Chezzetcook
  11. Touch 'Em With Love
  12. Old Reliable Death


  • Carolyn Mark, Just Married: An Album of Duets (Mint Records) 2005 – "Rocket Piano Man"

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