Amy Kim Ganter

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Amy Kim Ganter
Ovi Nedelcu, Kazu Kibuishi and Amy Kim Ganter.jpg
Amy Kim Ganter (right) with Ovi Nedelcu (left), and Kazu Kibuishi (center).
Binghamton, New York
Area(s)Writer, Artist
Pseudonym(s)Amy Kim Kibuishi

Amy Kim Ganter (born 1980 in Binghamton, New York),[1] is an American author and illustrator of original English-language manga.


Ganter is a winner in the fourth Rising Stars of Manga[2] competition, winning the third-place prize of $1,000 and a trophy for her story The Hopeless Romantic and the Hapless Girl.[3] She later authored Tokyopop's Sorcerers & Secretaries,[4] the story of Josh, a "bad boy," who falls for Nicole, a university student and part-time secretary who writes the story of the sorcerer Ellon in her dream journal.[5]

Ganter is also a contributor to the second and fourth volumes of the Flight series of comics anthologies, telling Food from the Sea a "manga-derived tale of an epic clash between a fish seller and a clam seller" in volume 4.[6] She has adapted the R.L. Stine Goosebumps novella, Deep Trouble, for the graphic novel Terror Trips. Terror Trips also has stories illustrated by Jill Thompson and Jamie Tolagson.[7] She is also the creator of the defunct webcomic Reman Mythology.[8]

Since 2007, she has left off manga and webcomic creation, describing herself as a "former cartoonist" on her new blog.[9]


Ganter says that after out-growing superhero comics like Spawn and X-Men, she became influenced by the more realistic comics she discovered while on a childhood trip to Korea.[4] She cites Japanese manga series Ranma 1/2 as an influence.[10]

Personal life[edit]

Ganter is married to comics artist and Flight editor Kazu Kibuishi;[10] they reside in Bellevue, Washington. Ganter told the story of her "third first kiss" with her future husband for the book First Kiss (Then Tell).[11]


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