Amy Klobuchar 2020 presidential campaign

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Amy Klobuchar 2020 presidential campaign
Amy Klobuchar 2020 presidential campaign logo.svg
CandidateAmy Klobuchar
U.S. Senator from Minnesota (2007–present)
County Attorney of Hennepin County, Minnesota (1999–2007)
AffiliationDemocratic Party
StatusAnnounced: February 10, 2019
HeadquartersMinneapolis, Minnesota
Official website

The Amy Klobuchar 2020 presidential campaign was announced on February 10, 2019. Prior to her announcement, Amy Klobuchar, who represents Minnesota in the United States Senate, had been discussed as a potential candidate for President of the United States.


Klobuchar was described by The New York Times in 2008 and The New Yorker in 2016 as one of the women most likely to become the first female President of the United States.[1][2]

In January 2019, Klobuchar was reported to be seriously considering entering the Democratic Party primaries for the 2020 United States presidential election.[3][4][5] Klobuchar placed fourth among Democratic potential candidates in a December 2018 poll of Iowa voters.[6]

On February 5, 2019, Klobuchar announced she would make a "major announcement" on February 10 about a presidential bid.[7] That day, the Iowa Democratic Party announced that Klobuchar would be giving the keynote address at a banquet in Ankeny, Iowa, on February 21.[8] The Washington Post's national columnist Jennifer Rubin wrote that Klobuchar would be a moderate candidate with significant rural policy experience, and would be well positioned in Iowa, which borders Klobuchar's Minnesota. Rubin also wrote that Klobuchar could make an excellent vice-presidential candidate.[9]


Klobuchar announcing her candidacy in Minneapolis on February 10, 2019

Klobuchar held a campaign announcement rally at Boom Island Park in Minneapolis on February 10.[10] Klobuchar's allegedly harsh treatment of her Senate staff received some coverage before her announcement.[11][12]

Within 48 hours of her announcement, the Klobuchar campaign raised over $1 million, with 95%+ coming from donors who gave less than $100. She said during her announcement that she will not take money from Super PACs.[13]

CNN hosted a town hall event with Klobuchar in New Hampshire on February 18.[14]

Historical significance[edit]

  • If nominated, Klobuchar would be the second consecutive female nominee (after Hillary Clinton).
  • If elected, Klobuchar would be only the fourth sitting Senator elected president (after Warren G. Harding, John F. Kennedy, and Barack Obama), the first president from Minnesota, and the first woman to become president. This would also result in her husband, John Bessler, becoming the inaugural First Gentleman of the United States.


Klobuchar campaigning in Wisconsin in February 2019

Multiple news outlets have described Senator Klobuchar as moderate and pragmatic, willing to tell the voters no when she believed a specific proposal was not in the best interest of the nation.[15][16]


As a U.S. Senator, Klobuchar has made increasing insurance programs for farmers impacted by severe weather and market fluctuations a priority. Her agriculture concerns have made her interested in trade as well.[17]

Climate change and environmental issues[edit]

Klobuchar said during the CNN Town Hall that while she likes the idea of a Green New Deal, it was not realistic. She said it was aspirational to believe all the proposals could be enacted in 10 years and acknowledged that along the way to becoming law, compromises would need to happen.[16]

Klobuchar said that during her first 100 days in office, she would reinstate the Clean Power Plan and propose legislation to invest in green jobs and infrastructure. She also said that on her first day, the U.S. would rejoin the Paris Climate Change Agreement.[18]

Consumer protection[edit]

In 2018, Klobuchar introduced a bill with Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) with the goal, among other things, of increasing the clarity of online terms of service and requiring more transparency regarding what data companies gather and share.[17] Because of her early focus on consumer safety issues, the New York Times nicknamed her "The Senator of Small Things", to which Klobuchar responded that she does not "view these as small things".[17]


Klobuchar, like fellow Senator and candidate Kamala Harris, began her career as a prosecutor.[19] Klobuchar is highly controversial for being a "tough on crime" prosecutor, a drug warrior who increased her state's prison population dramatically. These prosecutions largely affected people of color.[20]

Klobuchar, who is from a region with a strong tradition of gun ownership, attended the March for Our Lives and favors "common sense" gun safety legislation such as universal background checks.[21]


Klobuchar does not support free, four-year college for all, saying that while she wished she could make it happen, it was not realistic. Instead, she proposed allowing students to more easily refinance their student loans, making community colleges free, and extending Pell Grants to a wider group of recipients.[16]


In her announcement speech, Klobuchar said she supported an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to overturn the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. FEC. She also advocated restoring the Voting Rights Act and automatic voter registration for every 18 year old U.S. citizen.[18]

Following Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections, she introduced legislation in 2017 in the Senate to bring more online communications under the oversight of election law, with the goal of increasing the transparency of online election advertising. It would also require social media companies to maintain more information on advertisement buyers and who they target. The bill was endorsed by both Facebook and Twitter but failed in the Senate.[17]

Foreign policy[edit]

Klobuchar committed to standing with allies and having a clear purpose. She said frontline troops, diplomats, and intelligence officers who risk their lives daily "deserve better than foreign policy by tweet."[18]


While Klobuchar has pushed for reductions in healthcare costs, she has not called for an overhaul of the entire system like other 2020 candidates. She has not supported the Medicare-for All plan proposed by 2016 candidate and 2020 candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). She does, however, support a path to universal healthcare, believing a good first step would be a public option, allowing Americans to opt-in to government-run health insurance instead of finding private plans.[17] During the CNN Town Hall, Klobuchar stated that Medicare-for-All "could be a possibility in the future", but she was looking for solutions "that will work now". She said her priorities would be expanding Medicare and Medicaid, improving the ACA, and creating a public option.[16]

During her time in the Senate, Klobuchar has repeatedly pushed for ways to lower the costs of prescription drugs. She has introduced legislation encouraging the development of cheaper, generic versions of name-brand drugs. She has also supported allowing Medicare to directly negotiate the prices of drugs with pharmaceutical companies.[17]

National debt[edit]

Klobuchar has cited her concern with the growing national debt as one of her main reasons for opposing proposals such as Medicare-for-All and free college. She said during a CNN Town Hall that she doesn't "want to leave that on the shoulders" of the next generation and specifically called out the Trump Administration for allowing the national debt to grow.[16]

Social issues[edit]

During her announcement speech, Klobuchar pushed back on hate and fear mongering, saying

We may come from different places. We may pray in different ways. We may look different, love different, but we all live in the same country of shared dreams.[18]


During her announcement speech, Klobuchar pushed for strengthening the U.S.'s cyber security and guaranteeing net neutrality nationwide. She also said that by 2022, every U.S. household should be connected to the internet.[18]


Klobuchar has urged President Trump to quickly renegotiate trade deals and end Chinese tariffs that hurt the agriculture industry in the U.S. She supported Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs.[17]


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