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Amy L. Lansky

Amy Linda Lansky (born 1955), is an American author, computer scientist, and homeopath, noted for having written Impossible Cure: the Promise of Homeopathy.


Lansky grew up in Buffalo, New York. She received a B.A. from University of Rochester in 1977 and a M.S. (1979) and Ph.D. (1983) in Computer Science from Stanford University.

She is married to Steven M. Rubin; they have two children.

Computer science[edit]

After receiving her doctorate, Lansky worked on artificial intelligence planning at SRI International and NASA Ames Research Center. During this time, she worked with Michael Georgeff on the Procedural Reasoning System. This work resulted in a paper[1] which won the AAAI Classic Paper award of 2006.[2] Lansky is also known for her development of the multiagent planning system COLLAGE.[3]

Lansky's other computer science publications include:

  • Amy L. Lansky, "Pasmac – A Macro Processor for Pascal", Technical Report CSL-TN-174, Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory, April, 1980.[4]
  • Amy L. Lansky, "Specification and Analysis of Concurrency", Doctoral Dissertation, Technical Report STAN-CS-83-993, Computer Science Department, Stanford University, 1984.[5]
  • Amy L. Lansky and Susan S. Owicki, "GEM: A Tool for Concurrency Specification and Verification", in Proceedings of the Second Annual ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing, ACM, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 1983.[6]


In 1998, Lansky left the field of Computer Science to study homeopathy.

This transition was prompted by her perceived success at using homeopathy to "cure her son of Autism."[7][8] She explained the situation in a Psychology Today interview: "As a scientist, I recognize that homeopathy is implausible. But I've seen it cure my son."[8]

In 2003, she published Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy (ISBN 0-9727514-0-8). This book is now used as a textbook in homeopathy schools and is cited in a number of other books on alternative health.[7][9] It has been translated into German[10] and Greek.[11]

Lansky is involved in a number of activities to promote homeopathy:

  • She served on the executive board of the California Health Freedom Coalition[12] which was instrumental in legalizing unlicensed forms of medicine in California by passing (in 2002) SB-577 into law. She testified in a California Senate hearing on November 1, 2001. She has been part of their Steering Committee.
  • From 1998 to 2000, she was co-editor of the North American Homeopathic Society's journal "The American Homeopath".[13]
  • Since 2004, she has published a regular column in the British Society of Homeopaths newsletter called "Letters From America".[14]
  • She currently broadcasts a monthly Internet radio show on Autism One called "There's Hope With Homeopathy".[15]
  • She is currently on the executive board of the National Center for Homeopathy.[16][17]
  • Lansky appears as a guest on alternative health radio shows and is treated as an expert by the organizers of various alternative health forums:[18][19]
  • She has a forum called "Leading Voices in Homeopathy".[20]


Lansky is a musician who has composed a number of piano pieces. She was the singer of Not Dead Yet, a Silicon Valley rock-and-roll band.


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