Amy Scobee

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Amy Scobee
2009 Amy Scobee.JPG
Scobee in 2009
Language English
Citizenship United States
Period Contemporary
Genre Non-fiction
Subject Religion
Spouse Mark "Mat" Pesch

Amy Scobee is a former member of the Church of Scientology, and also the niece of deceased American astronaut Dick Scobee. During her involvement in the church she spent much of her time in its Sea Org, a body which oversees the church's day-to-day operations.[1] She wrote Scientology: Abuse At the Top.[2]

She joined the Church at 14. When she decided to leave the organisation and criticise its leadership, intimate details of her pre-marital sex life were leaked to the St Petersburg Times in Florida.[1] The Church sent this information to the newspaper, but has said that this was acceptable because the information was part of an affidavit she had signed and which was therefore not confidential.[1] Scobee appeared in the 2010 Panorama documentary The Secrets of Scientology.[1]

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