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Directed by Arne Skouen
Written by Johan Falkberget
Arne Skouen
Starring Liv Ullmann
Per Oscarsson
Wolf von Gersum
Claes Gill
Georg Løkkeberg
Lars Tvinde
Release date
6 February 1969
Running time
100 minutes
Country Norway
Language Norwegian

An-Magritt is a 1969 Norwegian drama film directed by Arne Skouen, starring Liv Ullmann. The film is based on two novels by Johan Falkberget: Plogjernet and An-Magritt.

An-Magritt (Ullmann) grows up in a Norwegian mining town. She is born as a result of her mother being raped. Her mother later kills herself after being put in the stocks for an extramarital affair with a soldier. An-Magritt is then raised by her grandfather, and has to work with the men to get by.

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