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Developer(s)Beijing Antutu Technology Company Limited
Stable release
Android9.2.2 / 18 November 2021; 14 months ago (2021-11-18)[1]
iOS9.1.0 / 17 November 2021; 14 months ago (2021-11-17)[2]
/ 19 August 2021; 17 months ago (2021-08-19)[3]
/ 7 May 2021; 20 months ago (2021-05-07)[4]
Operating systemAndroid, iOS
PlatformARM, x86, x86-64 and MIPS
Available inEnglish
TypeBenchmark (computing)

AnTuTu (Chinese: 安兔兔; pinyin: ĀnTùTu) is a software benchmarking tool commonly used to benchmark smartphones and other devices.[5][6] It is owned by Chinese company Cheetah Mobile.


The company developing the software is based in Chaoyang District, Beijing,[7] and was cofounded by Chinese entrepreneurs Shào Yīng (邵英)[8] and Liáng Bīn (梁斌).[9]They started multi-platform development, releasing a linux version in May[10]and a windows version with ray tracing support in August.[11]But note that the linux version currently only supports the x86 architecture.[12]


The AnTuTu benchmark is so common that some hardware manufacturers have cheated on the benchmark, which made the benchmark unreliable.[13][14] In response to cheating, AnTuTu created a new benchmark, called AnTuTu X, which made it more difficult for manufacturers to cheat on the benchmark.[14][15][16]

Despite the changes introduced by AnTuTu X, cheating continued to be rampant; for instance, in 2021, AnTuTu delisted (and for three months, banned) the Realme GT after evidence was discovered that the phone was found to have used delay tactics in multithreading performance tests, as well as modifying the reference JPEG image for image processing tests.[17]


Versions of AnTuTu
Version Date Characteristics
1 2011? CPU performance, 2D / 3D graphics, SD read / write and Database IO.
2 2011? Support for double core.

New 3D benchmark that better shows game performance.

New OpenGL based 2D benchmark.

3[18] 26-11-2012 Support for four cores and new graphics chips.

Support OpenGL ES 2.0 3D benchmark for 3D game performance test.

New 2D Benchmark for 2D Game Performance test.

Add compare page to compare scores with hot devices.

Support x86 and MIPS platforms.

4[19] 04-09-2013 Benchmark to User Experience (UX):MultiTask and Dalvik.

Support for octa-core.

Support OpenGL ES 3.0.

New scene in 3DRating Benchmark.

Improved classification of Memory and I/O.

5[20] 28-08-2014 CPU single-threaded performance testing

New engines graphic performance: 2D(Cocos2D) - 3D(Havok).

New test for 64-bit CPU.

New test HTML 5.

Support for Android Runtime (ART).

Update algorithm of total score.

Unify criteria of Antutu X(prevent fraud and cheating).

6[21] 03-12-2015 New designed 3D Testing Scenes based on Unity3D 5.0: Garden and Marooned.

Add new UX testing items and increase UX testing proportion.

New CPU Testing Added (based on the majority use of a single core).

New Score Proportion.


7[22] 01-02-2018 New designed 3D test scenes: Refinery and Coastline.

Support OpenGL ES 3.1 + AEP.

Support Tessellation and Shadow.

New UX tests that better reflect real-world use cases (Scroll, WebView and QR code).

New score proportion.

One tap to verify your device.

In-depth device info about battery temperature, battery level, and CPU load changes.

8[23] 17-10-2019 Introduces new Vulkan test scene-Terracotta Warriors.

Updates all the test items in Memory test.

Includes the display of hardware details in benchmark results page.

Includes CPU architecture info in My device section.

Fully supports Android Q.

Fixed incorrect display of camera parameters on some multi-camera devices.

Other improvements and optimizations.

9[24] 22-03-2021 Introduces new Vulkan test scene-Swordsman.

algorithm has been greatly adjusted in the CPU part

Reasonably and accurately express the performance difference between the L1, L2, L3 Cache that comes with the SoC and
the memory LPDDR

Added HEIF picture decoding performance test

Added H264, H265, VP9, AV1 video codec performance test function

Other improvements and optimizations.


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