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An Óige
An Oige Hostel Symbol.jpg
The logo for An Óige
Established 7 May 1931 (1931-05-07)
Founders Thekla Beere
Marion Tweedy
and C.E. Terry Trench
Founded at Dublin, Ireland
Type Youth organization
Legal status Non-profit
Focus to encourage youths to appreciate the Irish countryside through hostelling.
Headquarters Dublin, Ireland
  • 61 Mountjoy Street
Coordinates 53°21′22″N 6°16′06″W / 53.356013°N 6.268294°W / 53.356013; -6.268294Coordinates: 53°21′22″N 6°16′06″W / 53.356013°N 6.268294°W / 53.356013; -6.268294
Region served
Dublin and surrounding areas
Marie McDonnell
Richard Brierly
Tony Graham
Damien O'Sullivan
Margaret Nugent
Peter Silvester
Affiliations International Youth Hostel Federation

An Óige (Irish pronunciation: [an̪ˠ ˈoːɟə], meaning "Youth"), or the Irish Youth Hostel Association (IYHA) is the Hostelling International's association for Ireland.


An Óige was founded on 7 May 1931 by an organising committee,[1] which included Thekla Beere, Marion Tweedy, and C.E. Terry Trench, Hon. National Secretary,[2] as a membership based organization and is a member of the International Youth Hostel Federation. The first youth hostel was opened in 1931 in Lough Dan (Irish: Loch Dean), near Round Wood (Irish: An Tochar), in County Wicklow (Irish: Cill Mhantáin).

As of 2016, An Óige operates 24 youth hostels in the Republic of Ireland and an additional 4 in Northern Ireland.[3]


To help all, but especially young people, to a love and appreciation of the countryside, particularly by providing simple hostel accommodation for them whilst on their travels.[4]


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